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  1. Is it possible to remove some of the noob combos in h2? Some maps have upto 4 of them.
  2. 100k should be the minimum at this point imo. 100k + crowdfunding would be awesome!
  3. Yea sure but I will give 343 the benefit of the doubt and start from the release of the new update. How big is this MCC team? Have they told us? For a such, a big and powerful studio Halo is easily the worst big MP game in terms of updates. Even Bungie has improved and releases more updates for Destiny 2. How sad is it that we have to have Snipedown call them out on Twitter months later for them to "look into it". There is no timeline or anything for us to look forward too. LOL just as I was typing this I see this:
  4. I wish the MCC updates were faster. Its been months since its release and there haven't been any significant gameplay improvements. Recently playing games like PUBG Xbox, Siege, Fortnite and seeing those games get gameplay updates almost weekly and seeing nothing for MCC or even how slow it was for Halo 5 is disappointing.
  5. Anyone play around with the new sens and deadzone options? As someone who played mainly 3/4 in H3 what do u guys recommend now?
  6. How about increasing the prize pool now that we have way more teams and hype?
  7. H2A has forge, why can't we just make Midship and Beaver Creek using forge?
  8. Agreed. People don't realize that Ninja has always been like that. Hes an agressive and passionate dude and that's why I loved watching him play Halo. Watching many of the halo pros on stream or at LAN are so boring compared to Ninja. If you want to neuter Ninja you will lose what makes him entertaining in the first place.
  9. Its hard to compare Halo 3 playlist popularity to Halo 5. If Halo 3 had the halo 5 party gametypes I'm sure it would've been at the top as well. Also, you can't fake data. Menke isn't lying and he has the stats to back it up. MLG has always been the least popular playlist. Now we have it as the 9th most popular playlist which is an improvement.
  10. This EU team has a chance at a top 8 finish. Great pickup by Str8. There was no other NA teams that they could pick up that are this talented.
  11. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/58b8518e005f432381ab99fbcaf931e0/topics/matchmaking-feedback-update-%E2%80%93-october-22/49fe5a49-06d8-4d19-b413-60a85c354132/posts?page=1 MATCHMAKING FEEDBACK UPDATE – OCTOBER 22
  12. The worst part about 343 is that they are slow. Really really slow. Even Bungie has sped up with Destiny and now Destiny 2. 343 still moves so slow with news, updates etc.
  13. I refuse to believe H2A was built for competitive. If they said that they lied through their teeth. 3 maps, hit markers, ridiculously large hitboxes, high auto aim/magnetism, and many other issues.
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