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  1. Am I the only one triggered by "defence"? Very cool chart otherwise.
  2. After reading a few of these things about single vs. double elimination, I feel like so many people are trying to eliminate what makes sports so great. Looking at any league in the US, the season is used to get the seeding for a single-elimination playoff. When the 8th seeded Habs went on a post-season tear in '10 and knocked off the best team of the season, Washington Capitals, no one put an asterisk next to the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup victory because they didn't beat the #1 team from the season. Upsets are a part of sports, it's not about the popular team winning, or the statistically better team winning. It's about one group of guys showing up at the right time and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds - or falling flat on their face trying and the better team actually wins. Double-elimination taints some of the spirit of competition. tl;dr - To spend an entire season to prove you belong there, as a top seed, lose early (presumably to one of the lesser teams to qualify) AND get a do-over feels wrong.
  3. Hey there! Some might know, most will not: My name is Chris Matlock and I'm the director of marketing for Team Allegiance. We've heard the plea for more content and are excited to announce our new Tips & Tricks series starting off with RyaNoob! Be sure to let us know what you think of this video! We're also constantly striving to put the best possible content out there, so if there's something you want to hear, learn, see, listen to, etc. be sure to give us a heads up so we can get started on it as soon as we can! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to #PledgeAllegiance by following us on Twitter @TeamAllegiance and liking us on Facebook /TeamAllegianceGG
  4. Go out and earn a quarter million in 4 and half months of work.
  5. Tweets are still just hearsay. Without substantiated proof, which can really only be found with an investigation, the organization has done nothing that would compromise the contract at this point. From the sounds of Noble DOES want an investigation. He straight up said he was ready to pursue legal action if they tried to compete under a different organization. None of this is to say the contracts aren't maybe morally wrong or scummy, nevertheless, they are binding.
  6. I think you're missing Flizzy's point. As it stands, the org is the one with leverage. The players are breaching their contract by not playing. Nothing has been proven, thus the contracts aren't nullified. Until there is proof of the tax evasion, or other illegal language within the document, they are contracted players and cannot simply stop playing for Noble because they don't like them anymore.
  7. I mean 3rd place isn't "not working out" It's not like they're losing to Astral Authority or the LCQ team your friends put together. They lost a game 7 slayer (which is really a toss of a coin) to a team that did what EG couldn't: take a couple games from CLG.
  8. Anyone have an updated figure on the Worlds prize pool? Seems it's been at "$2,000,000 and growing" for a long time now...
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