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  1. Hey anyone in Jersey trying to compete in local and HCS for MCC hit me up or add me GT: THYBEAST
  2. Man i wish they would reveal original Halo 2 Rank system for H2A, but anything new that wasn't shown at E3 is fine with me. #weback
  3. im down for a full day on the weekend to lan Halo 2, im actually going to call up this local gaming shop that holds tourneys and lans to see if we can get a Halo 2 lan day set up in Woodbridge "Central Jersey"

    NFL Thread

    Giants are gonna win the NFC East
  5. beginning of Halo 2 when leveling up was hard to get pass level 16 super jumps, BXR, BXB, double shot, quad shot making my symbol match the colors of my highest level cutting school to play the new DLC old school NJ HALO Clan mathces winning a local 4v4 H2 tourney with a 4th random pick up who always wanted to use the energy sword and noob combo lol God i miss those days, made a couple lifetime friends and great memories...can't wait to get my hands on MCC #weback
  6. There once was a game called Halo 2 and it went away BUT NOW ITS BACK!
  7. with the Halo 5 beta being almost a year before launch i feel 343 should get it right this time with all that time for feedback, and having Bravo, Ghost, and Neighbor is only going help even more. As for MCC i feel with most of the population probably going to be playing Halo 2 Anniversary "i know i will" 343 will probably choose to build off of what game was played the most which in my opinion anything else would be dumb. I trust in what 343 is doing this time around especially with the help of MLG PROS the competitive side of Halo will be back and live! There is one thing i'm not looking forward to in H2A and thats getting noob comboed to the dome lol
  8. ok, cool if you want to just add me on XBL - THYBEAST and you can let me know when your planning on lanning or just to game
  9. i'm down! especially for Halo 2 what part of Jersey would you be lanning? I live in Woodbridge NJ "central jersey"\ im pretty sure i can get a few of people that arent part of the forum as well
  10. Same here just started playing again after the H2A announcement, i've even been watching old Halo 2 MLG/Montages videos on youtube lol can't wait for the collection. XBL - THYBEAST
  11. love Halo and i always will no matter how much it changes, i don't really care as much for it anymore but i still find myself only playing Halo 4 lol... I just hope the game can get that little boost until H5, and i just wanna thank everyone involved in trying to make that possible. Anyone in my opinion who didn't have the chance to enjoy the greatness that is Halo 2 missed out on the greatest multiplayer experience for an FPS. If H5 is anything like H2 then i say we're moving in the right way to bring the community back and stronger, but for now i guess i'll still be rockin with H4. Lets keep Halo alive....
  12. THYBEAST Central Jerz, Woodbridge
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