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  1. Maybe they'd rather sleep less as opposed to possibly forfeiting? I'd be surprised if ESL didn't take into account timezones and outside obligations in their scheduling.
  2. Last we heard (from Kampy I believe), they're not interested in a Halo team.
  3. Semi-relevant, but a CS game just went into a fifth overtime: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackcs Obviously there aren't many alternative options for round based games, still pretty crazy. Edit: Now six
  4. I think Frosty and OpticCreate (Aaron?) both live in the LA area.
  5. Premium Hype! Get way more than $5/month worth of entertainment out of Beyond anyways.
  6. Shit man, dropping this knowledge with E6 out there? Brave. Edit: completely missed the other E6 joke a few posts above .
  7. Sounds pretty familar, wasn't Optic Nation supposed to be APG, Heinz, Ola, Formal at the very beginning of H5, before Formal decided to stay with CoD?
  8. Re: Optic, apparently their video series "Vision" got delayed from yesterday to today for some "very important" reasons, which I believe is how the roster change rumors started. This also could have been what Commonly was referring to in his tweet and might curiously align with the timing of the E6/Stellur drama. Personally I think Formal is coming back to halo.
  9. UGC is selling customized shirts as crowdfunding for the St. Louis event: https://www.ugcevents.com/store/crowdfunding Edit: I guess you mean orgs like teams, not sure about that one.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is exactly what everyone else is saying...
  11. T2 (briefly) on the CS:GO stream, a bunch of technical issues over there though. Edit: the EU stream today seemed fine, what is it about ESL NA? https://clips.twitch.tv/wesa/StupidGoldfishMau5
  12. Rayne lives near 343i, right? So he may have gone regardless.
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