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  1. The team Naded, ninja, Vic X and Trippey would be nice. they could still keep the LG seed cause Vic X and Naded.
  2. meh Halo more important than an anniversary, forget that they need practice lol
  3. anyone know if renegades plan on playing tonight? haven't noticed any of them on twitch yet...
  4. i think optic should try for hysteria, I feel hes better than cloud
  5. I like Commonly and all, hes decent, I still feel EG should go after someone more experienced especially with LAN experience
  6. When are rosters locked? is it when you register for the tournament tomorrow?
  7. Ninja, Spartan, Vic and Steullur the new optic team, Flame to coach
  8. I just thought of the irony.... Optic was gonna pick Spartan, but his phone died and they picked steuller within a few hours without an answer, now he takes Stellur away from them to his own team.... haha.
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