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  1. Don't have a screenshot, but the Observer Mode build they used at Vegas was shown on stream multiple times with the spectating Xbox in the game lobby with the players. That is a big difference and would theoretically have accurate reticles, even online.
  2. - Developers that care (about the casual community) - Stable servers (H5 servers were good at launch) - Hit registration (maybe just my internet but my hits don't register in Tf2 pretty frequently and I get shot through walls every game with 30ms ping to the server) - Aiming isn't shit Also, a bunch of the abilites in the game are worse than anything that was in Reach and H4. A-Wall is armor lock on steroids, Sonar Knives give your entire team promethean vision, the turrets are insane. If 343 put those in a Halo game we would throw a tantrum. And don't get me started on Volt getting nerfed in the patch while Hemlock remains untouched. I love Titanfall 2 and H5 is a disaster right now but the Respawn circlejerk is too strong. The game doesn't even have ranked play and is begging for a map editor. Lets see where it is in six months. On topic: Str8 top 2
  3. Shoutout to Falcated too. Crazy improvement from the beginning of the season. I feel like they would have had better odds against TL. Matchups are crazy mun.
  4. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1kvJpqREAVkxE 6S vs MW grudge match
  5. People in Twitch chats love to bicker about which is best but for me it boils down to Both of them break too fast You can buy an Elite controller at Best Buy and get a 2 year warranty for $20 and replace it when it breaks
  6. Might help if the evolved settings crew didn't shitpost with the force of 1,000 W0ulds every time someone says something not in line with your views. I've interacted with a few of you outside of this site and you seem like normal reasonable people, but on here you're just a salt mine. Half the time you (as a collective, not you specifically) come off like you would rather destroy the community that we have left than grow anything. And I agree with a lot of the settings that you propose. inb4 shill For the record, I'm anti-radar, but we need to see more testing and discussion from the pros and the rest of the community, not the same 10 bitter forum members that have been passive aggressively repeating themselves since the game came out. Also, it would be nice to have some communication from 343 about what exactly they would consider changing so we could stop arguing about settings that will never happen and focus on stuff that could become a reality.
  7. COD pros are forced to play with jetpacks and specialists. LoL gets balance patches that dramatically change the meta right before big tournaments. CSGO has been viewed as a competitively neutered successor to CS across the board, especially in regards to movement and shooting. Also, the R8 debacle. Patches in the last couple of months have been well received though. SC2 isn't relevant anymore but it was always a joke compared to Brood War. DOTA 2 is the only big game I can think of where the devs and pros/competitive community seem to be on the same page, although I'm pretty sure that hasn't always been the case. EDIT - Too soon to tell, but Gears 4 seems promising. Disclaimer: I only follow these scenes on a surface level so I might be completely full of shit
  8. I don't really see the appeal in half of the teams being denied the opportunity to compete for the actual prize pool because they didn't have a top 4 performance online. Halo 5 online is not a fair game. Hit detection is unreliable, reticle lag is a massive handicap, lag outs are far too common, and you can't even choose what datacenter you connect to so there is no way to control it or even prepare yourself for a laggy game. And all of this gets worse every month. Not all NBA/NFL teams get to go to the playoffs, but if regular season games in those sports were played on 150ms of latency with half the players randomly selected to have weights tied to their wrists and ankles every 2 minutes things might be different. Personally, finals having only 4 teams is boring as a spectator. Less games, less storylines, it's a lose-lose for everyone besides the 343 and ESL employees that seem to love league formats more than they love Halo. If you insist on it staying that way, so be it, but at least make it so a team can qualify for finals by performing well at the midseason LANs.
  9. I would question the validity of anything using an analog stick, due to deadzones and the tester not applying exactly the same pressure every time. Xim (or other device that allows you to use a keyboard) + keyboard that lights up when you press a key. Camera that records at >60fps. I believe this is how people like battle(non)sense on youtube measure input lag.
  10. I feel like we could really benefit from having a community manager focused on the competitive community. Bravo and Unyshek do a great job, but they have their hands full with the casual community. Obviously there will always be a ton of corporate red tape blocking total transparency from devs on any AAA game, but any communication we can get is welcomed and it's pretty clear that what we have now isn't enough. Also, on the topic of focus testing, I would love to see 343 pro/multiplayer team round up some pros/ams/forum kids/arena champs and run test lobbies every once in a while. Do it twice a month, stream it on the Halo twitch channel and I'm sure a lot of people will tune in. It would give us a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes and let them collect some feedback on changes before they hit the playlist. Isn't that what COD and LOL do? Seems to be working for them
  11. Commonly is doing an AMA on r/halo right now if anybody needs some answers.
  12. Coaches and analysts play. Fan vote for two pros (or casters) to pick and coach the teams.
  13. Was in a game so I wasn't paying full attention but I think 2gre just said on stream that he has an announcement to make later today and that it will be Halo related.
  14. Rayne plays helljumper, but he has jump on a paddle so it might be closer to fishstick depending on what he uses the bumper for. Penguin and Devon play recon I think. I think I remember Flamesword playing default back when he was competing but I might be wrong.
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