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  1. No problem at all. Social helps tell the overall story. Broadcast feedback please everyone. This is the level that the Pro League weekly broadcasts will be at. Excited to see show off the new HUD!!!
  2. These tournaments aren't exclusively for the eSports audience. People tend to forget that. Those videos you're putting down came from people of other communities around the halo scene and they love seeing their stuff featured as it exposes them to more viewers. In turn, more of those types of videos get submitted. I'm on the side of you guys, where I want more content to be shown. I work with what I have available.
  3. For everyone, read my tweet: it has to go through the proper channels. 1) How am I suppose to play the videos listed? Rip them off of youtube? I need a video file in the proper specs. 2) Is the music copyrighted? I can't tell. The people who watch these videos when submitted can tell. You can't expect progress if you're not willing to follow the process. There are bigger things at stake than playing the latest and greatest.
  4. It's just how it worked out. We're not specifically following these four teams but the matches to show that are more interesting/story driven, just so happens to include every match from these teams. When making this, I went matchup by matchup between the main stage and secondary stage. If you notice, group matches are played at the same time, not allowing for some matches to be shown.
  5. Things to note with this: ​- Each team that made it to NA Regionals will get at least one match on main stage - The schedule worked out that we're basically following four teams in their Group Stage run: A: Triggers Pound B: Elevate C: EnvyUS D: Renegades - Even though matches are being played off stream, you'll be getting updates on what is happening during the show - If it comes down to a very important match to be shown, we can switch the main stream and off stream match.
  6. MLG has a bunch of information related to this weekend here: http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/83/halo-world-championship-north-america-regional-finals?utm_source=EventSection&utm_medium=NG
  7. Trying something new at #HaloWC X Games! When a great play happens, we'll throw up a code for a Halo 5 Gold REQ Pack. First person gets it. SOMEONE POST MY TWEET FOR ME. @LENOXCOOLGAMER
  8. Updated my original post to include the day by day matches for xgames. I had friday/Saturday instead of thursday/Friday for the days.
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