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  1. Search for the Gamertag "IG Tournaments" the account has everything MLG in the fileshare from Halo 1-3
  2. Good luck to Team Dignitas always happy to see new organizations picking up Halo.
  3. The company should have never bought the rights from Bungie, they don't know how to make a Halo game. There's supposed to be a specific team that works on Halo: MCC and they haven't released a relevant update for it in what? months? You're almost forced to play Halo 5 or no Halo at all.
  4. This would honestly be much more fun than what we have now.
  5. You want some complaining? *Releases a pointless Req pack containing 2 emblems and Warzone stuff *Doesn't release important and needed updates to Halo: MCC for the large amount of people that play it. :bravo: Logic
  6. There is supposed to be separate departments/teams for specific games. I think the major group is working on Halo 5 while the uneducated work on MCC (when they feel like it) There should be updates rolling out all the time for the game since its the go-to game when you wanna play the classic Halo's. Someone go undercover and see wtf they're doing over there
  7. Shows how much they care about the game. I'm definitely not giving them anymore of my money. Looking forward to Halo 3 Backwards Compatible and that's where I'm staying for good.
  8. When was the last time this game got an update anyways? Shit ton of stuff still needs to be fixed. I even tweeted Bravo twice and never got a response, pretty pathetic.
  9. Knowing 343i they were probably thinking about it.
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