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  1. It was pretty fun to back to H3 for a little while. I actually managed to do pretty well in the few matches I played. It was pretty tense, too. But I just cant go back to the old setup. My usually good aim went to shit as soon as I picked up a BR. Haha.
  2. Man, I had no clue Halo 3's shot reregistration was THIS bad. Whenever I noticed stuff like this, I just chalked I up to lag, or me just sucking. I guess it really says something when people are willing to put up with that than play H4.
  3. Good game. Just not as good as it could have been,
  4. Yeah, of course. That's something a fan would do...
  5. Sweet. My H3 disc is scratched and wont load DLC.
  6. And you guys hoping for a H2A MP need to get a reality check. XD
  7. XD I think that's all that needs to be said.
  8. So they should just ditch the MP they have now for a slightly better, but still outdated MP. Yeah I dont see that happening.
  9. As well as give them a reason to never touch the new game's MP.
  10. According to some people, Halo's been dead. XD May as well let it collect dust in peace before we revive it again.
  11. I just think ya'll are kidding yourselves if you think they would/should remake H2 MP. -shrugs-
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