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  1. Does anyone know where to find that calendar of tournament winners with the team logos?
  2. why was everything focused on APG there, sorry didn't watch the series
  3. Always used to hear so many negative comments surrounding Trippey's attitude. Cool to hear Ola talk about how his teammates don't have egos. It feels like plenty of the young players have really humbled themselves when they start to make a name for themselves.
  4. Does anyone else feel the video quality is so much worse during gameplay (including face cams)? The video quality looks really good in between games though.
  5. I can't really remember games ending midway before this weekend. Any reason why?
  6. This is double elim right? Haven't seen much mention of the lower bracket
  7. Just allow your comments to become a meme for the next page or so
  8. im so glad to be able to see more close range pistol battles with these no AR start games. It's something which has been missing from the game. AR -> melee trades are so boring to watch.
  9. It looks like thebracket was fixed to start off with. Nothing to do with map win %
  10. where are the posters who were arguing there should be fewer teams outside NA?
  11. Why is everybody talking about how the bracket would form after pool play? Did I miss where we were told how the pools populate the bracket?
  12. the second rocket kills royal 2. He didn't rocket himself. Royal 2 turns and noscopes renegade just after he fires the second rocket.
  13. Well I've been really busy with school and not been on the forums for a while. I decide to have a look and apparently there's an event in Wembley like 10 minutes from where I live! Made sure to grab some tickets as soon as I found out. Super excited especially since Gfinity's events have been amazing to watch on stream. Hopefully it'll be even better at the actual venue.
  14. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but apg just said in kampy's chat that they will have renegadeJW subbing for maniac this week.
  15. New meta for plaza https://clips.twitch.tv/eltown_/EnchantingQuailCoolCat
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