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  1. Anyone going to DH Atlanta who's looking to play H3? I might know a guy who needs a partner...
  2. Always an upvote for Moana. Is the 2v2 at Atlanta going to be open to anyone to enter? I'll be shooting for eUnited but I wanna play, the meme team >
  3. Sorry I missed this. The only reason I kind of disappeared is because I am totally disenamored with the scene as a whole. Now that I have worked in management of eUnited for over a year and a half, you see what really truly harms games and what games can do to make themselves more appealing. We've tried to get into Halo, but have been blown off by a few teams we've tried to pick up. Then, we were blown off by 343 themselves trying to setup a meeting to see what they could provide for us if we went with a lesser caliber team (skins, etc.) At some point, you just kind of move on. When there's limited events, limited effort from pro players to grow their scene, it just kind of turns you off from the scene. And by extension, team beyond posting, because I am so out of tune with the community that I feel weird posting. either way, I am excited to watch some halo today.

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