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  1. By tis you mean blacklisted? I remember in BO2 they had some teams trying to do this to Optic.
  2. Lol at first didnt even notice ace's face im kinda thanking you for making my day this early.
  3. god give me premium just so I can give you all my energy. Lets be honest you had this already made or ur just that damn AMAZING.
  4. Shit. So would ALL the coke in manics nose!:p nah to be all serious hecs is a hella smart dude met him at the old C9 halo manager's wedding. If them missing out on this practice tournament doesnt want him to take complete reigns. I dont see the point of optic deserving a pro league spot whether they earned it or not.shoot some ams a sponsor and im sure they'll grind there ass off to make a challenge to the other 7 teams. Im not saying optics not good. Just if you cant show up to play clg then stay at cod and pull the halo squad out. Thats just a waste of talented halo pros not trying to be first honestly. At least act likeyour sick of CLG and king lethul ggiving you the sweaty D and winning everything. #CLG should be tweeting HCS "so you wanna sign the check now".
  5. Flame prolly giving the kid coke and some baking soda. Thatd make dinner at 6am make sence to me. Nah all jokes that optic house gotta be unhealthy to live in after awhile. I mean a butch of kid adults living a dream cant really be to much house structure. Might as well hit up MTV for the next season of " The Real World Optic Edition"
  6. Add villathakilla fley ender nik horror let get some new faces
  7. Hmmmm I personally think that h5 is only about movement. And core strategies are non existent when power ups are way too open no matter how you may set up for. and weapons respawn count down is a waste of having an advantage on team who actually got last drop. The objective games are weak abd mostly 1 sided other then the occasional intense stronghold game
  8. If you guys wanna see real talent watch villathakilla play kid eaisly could hang with the top pros. I am done watching these halo vets switching teams every other week. Halo 5 plays so different then any other halo. This guy villa was actually a very Good halo 3 player has videos on youtube destroying ninja and others. Even fley ender is another h5 player that nobody knows. He is very good at the game. Any forum kids should take the time and watch just 1 hr of these 2 play and you'll be a fan right away and be talking like. Royal 6? Dogbite? Sunburn? Dont have one for lethal yet but you getbthe point.
  9. reallly thinking they had best placing with contra tbh contra and dev plus maniac staying support and flame keep being coordinator. Let the contra off the leash and robin (dev) be a clean up anchor spawn rotation
  10. this was almost going to be the worst best save of using acceptable trash talk...YouTube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxuLj8P-4yk
  11. Little kids show be out playing sports. why would you watch minecraft? I was interested nvm anyways anyone wanna post ola doing the rape sign in guardian odd ball 2010 either it was a TD vs FB 2010 Anaheim or Raleigh 2010 Dynasty I an feeling the Heinz or apg was snipe out blue Window looking top green stump
  12. Played 3 games in arena and I am already going bald cant get a W
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