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  1. AFAIK you just have to go into the store and get a new receipt printed out since that's where the actual code to redeem is printed on. Anyway, I woke up to an email this morning and now I have this.
  2. Has anyone who order through Amazon got their code yet? I'm still waiting on mine.
  3. GT: mehatt I'll probably be on all night and I can host later on maybe if enough lobby's keep getting full.
  4. In a perfect world we'd have it but we're far from having it universal. The economy we have now, the taxes we would need to raise to cover costs, it just isn't possible for a while. The health reform is the start to it but it has to be widely redone for it to 1) be useful for all and 2) be widely accepted.
  5. Where can I join to start getting into the weekly matches?
  6. I think this is a great idea. It would give casual players more experience with all the routes, callouts and teamwork for obj. And @shzlss mentioned editing and streaming, that'd be great as well to see.
  7. I think this would be a better 2v2 slayer than obj, but that's just by looking at the screens. I wouldn't be against trying a full 4v4 but with extraction points I don't know how well it would play. Willing to run a few games to test them if anyone is interested though.
  8. When are you planning on starting weekly matches? Or opening up registration? Interested if I can find some F/A's or a team to match up with.
  9. The only issue with that is sometimes that could just be too many. Competitive you could probably chop the gametypes in half, say <8, casual could be maxed around 10. You don't need 15 playlists if half of them have <500 players most of the time, so knock the list down and make the playlists have both gametypes that can be ran both competitive and casual. TS, CTF, etc. But personally, I would like to see more variety in the playlists but just not anything like SWAT.
  10. A few of them have already said they weren't going to AGL 9, no? The next event won't be until August for 10 so there's some down time in between tournaments, and CS is just a fun game to play.
  11. I would like to be more competitive soon but probably labeled under competitive casual ATM. Usually just go solo if I can't find anyone on but still can play on a team with no problems.
  12. I'm up for running with anyone, shoot a message or fr over to GT: mehatt. Usually try to be on daily for a while.
  13. Anybody doing LAN party's in the near future? I'm also thinking about hitting AGL 10 if anyone wants to team up to go. In BC now, like a 3 hour drive so its doable. GT: mehatt
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