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  1. If you can slay Snakebite, you really weaken Tox's comms. If you slay anyone on Splyce, not sure their comms are impacted. Might even improve based in what we heard on listen-ins this weekend.
  2. Hypothetically and ignoring his duoship with Snakebite, who would you recommend as a possible replacement to Royal2 to counterSplyce? I think most players they could add makes them weaker against non-Splyce teams, which makes it tricky.
  3. Great points here, and this is why Splyce's dominance was so fascinating to me even if you dislike the strategy. Halo 5's map and mode design resulted in setups being less effective than previous titles in favor of rotations, which Tox perfected for 2 years. Splyce just blows all that up because the pressure and speed of attack makes it difficult to determine what the right play is if the board changes so rapidly. Royal2's at his best as stated above, and he can't do those things as well against Splyce. Since you can't really outshoot or outmaneuver Splyce either, the only way to control the pace is powerup and power weapon control, and Splyce denied Tox that ruthlessly in both series. This is like the spread offense coming into college football or Curry shooting 30-foot 3s. The old way of playing only works against opponents who play the same way (like EG at the start of H5 except when they kept running into CLG). It'll be interesting to see how teams try to counter Splyce now since I'm not sure you can play any faster or more aggressively than this.
  4. Is there a general consensus on the best players in ANZ or LATAM like there is with Snakebite (NA) or Respectful/Jimbo (EU)?
  5. The close up on the dropped rockets during Coli flag in the last series got me. Nearly took up the entire screen so I couldn't miss it.
  6. Grim should just post the password so we can all help him remember when he loses it.
  7. If Optic were to drop someone, would it really be Frosty? I thought he played really well this weekend. Not that it's easy to make a better case for any of the others to be dropped either.
  8. Are the player cams set up differently per player or is APG just sitting 10 feet from the monitor?
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