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  1. Clutch and Maniac won a championship in Halo 3....on the same team....and were trash at all halos before and after. Let that sink in. I dont know why people hold Halo 3 is such high regard. Game honestly killed the fun for most Halo 2 kids back in the day. It was played on a system with one of the worst gaming controllers to date and felt like a completely watered down version of Halo 2 and Halo 1.
  2. When you realize TOX has only one LAN win in a full year....
  3. "E3 2018's Halo Infinite Trailer Was Only An Engine Demo, Game Still A "Long Way" Off" Can we stop saying what you think about the game. You havent been shown a game. Youve been show simple artwork mixed into some programming that showed a vehicle moving on a big map. Stop making dumbass claims.
  4. Good to know Hysteria is still the piece of shit he was back in the day.
  5. These Halo pros dont really care i guess. They have had issues since 2015 and they just complain about it afterwards instead of demanding it be fixed BEFORE they play. Its on them in the end.
  6. I thought my neighbors were playing music loudly....nope. Its on the stream.
  7. Yes, simple lan technology is over 20 years old. The fact that they dont understand it is sad. Simple mistakes? Theres literally a guy thats getting paid to make sure the "servers" work properly for 3 days. Its been 1 hour and theres already a problem. Just think about it.
  8. You already know why. These people shouldnt have jobs in their field because they obviously have no idea what the fuck theyre doing. Theyre dealing with 20 year old networking technology that shouldve been a foundation for anyone involved in the tech field. This is what nepotism looks like. Then these idiots will go on to hire someone even more under qualified for the job. 1 event with server problems? It shouldnt happen but it can be forgiven. Every event? Look no further as to why Halo esports is DYING. The "pros" are obviously fine with the restarts and incompetence seeing as they dont do anything about it until after they lose.
  9. To be fair, i dont know what a org gets out of a dying esports scene. When Hecz ran things, it was extremely player friendly. They kept all their winnings and still got paid by the org. I guess Hecz just cared about the trophies as the best way to sell the team to sponsors and fans. I wonder if the reputation the scene got from the 2017 HWC played a part in their original decision to not give the optic players what they wanted. If i was responsible for running a financially successful org, youd have to sell me on why i should invest into a Halo team.
  10. Its a shame that 99% of his audience has never watched cnbc before in their lives.
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