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  1. You guys are killing it today with the memes, had to log in on mobile just to give up votes
  2. So just my two thoughts, what if we had the open bracket teams face the two lowest seeded teams in relegations. Then the two teams that make it out of relegation face the 5/6 seeded teams. With the two teams that win that get too play at finals starting from in the losers bracket. This way relegations still happen. The 5/6 seeds get an advantage over the lower seeds but not against the 1-4 seeded teams. And the open bracket teams have a shot at making it finals even if it's a super low chance.
  3. Can't believe I'm saying I agree with @@Cratos but a lot of live shows have a delay to just that. Watch wwe and when someone tries too say something out of line they bleep it.
  4. I don't think I saw anyone bring this up, but Flamesword said in his new video that he will be competing in season 2
  5. Wow a new org in halo. Don't know who they are but its nice to have another
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