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  1. IM looking for a team that knows what there doing and get on everyday or let's you know when there not. I've been playing comp since Reach. I can't find the right team in this game because nobody gets on or know what there doing. Hmu GT: MyTriigger been on week around 6:30 cst.
  2. This is a team that will get on every night to grind. You must have some Halo back ground H4 don't count! You must know the game and have good communication. We are funny and are willing to grow but you have to follow our qualifications. GT MyTriigger, iSneakzy Ps I'm cst and he's est
  3. Hey I'm down to run GT MyTriigger
  4. I'm always grinding the hell out of this game. I'm onyx in arena and slayer both seassons. I'm a support player so if a teams needs a slayer don't look at me. I don't want to make a team I'm looking for a team. Hmu on XBL GT MyTriigger
  5. I'm looking for a team or to start a team. I'm onyx in arena,slayer I am more of a support player if anything. Just hmu on live GT MyTriigger
  6. I'm looking for a team like this. I'm diamond 6 in arena got screwed tho teammates would quite out had to do it on my own. Got to 1738 onyx in the first season. GT MyTriigger hmu if you want to run
  7. Hey man its MyTriigger you already have me hmu today to run!
  8. Hey I'm down to run some games hmu GT: MyTriigger
  9. Hey I messaged preschool on XBL wanting to know if you guys were still trying out?
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