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  1. I can't believe cratos didn't get in anymore trouble then just a small fine, and they fined stellur also lmao. I know comparing this to the NFL might not be the best way to go about it but if an NFL player tampered with a member of his teams shit im sure he would be in a lot more trouble. This league is a joke.
  2. Bxrz from what i understand signing into stellur's GT then bashing him on twitter and trying to tarnish his rep as well as make cratos + the org look better with all the contract drama going on is just a low blow and a completely childish move that should not be allowed in "professional" halo. They should at least be banned for this season.
  3. considering str8 sick was a last minute pick up pretty much, if they were able to replace him and pick up APG in his place then grab Heinz i could see that being a possibility.
  4. I dont normally watch EG scrim but since they were scrimming RNG last night i tuned in. The egos on that team are ridiculous. Mostly roy and lunchbox but the bickering wasn't even constructive criticism it was just finger pointing and school girl arguing. that cant be helping them improve at all, and it seemed snipedown and commonly were really getting annoyed.
  5. Man what a let down. This playlist is absolute trash. Breakout maps with shotguns and h2 brs lmao. Back to arena for me. i wish they just used regular arena maps 4v4 with h2 br start... now that woulda been a fun weekend.
  6. figured I'd drop this here. Was messing around in photoshop today and made this. If any other pros need one for there stream let me know It's been a while since I've made some graphics but I still got it
  7. I'm glad RNG got off last night on a good note after that blow up but it needed to be said. Instead of finger pointing they all need to acknowledge they lost and figure out how to fix it. When there on they have so much potential but most of the time there off.
  8. I dont think hell retire i think its just everyone doubted them the whole season and now if they make it it'll be huge for him
  9. They really need to step it up... There winning off luck. They cant be doing that in the finals
  10. there was so many times they could have returned flag and ran flags they were playing so sloppy. I hope they step it up this match
  11. so does anyone have a list of some of the teams in this LCQ with the most points? obv Optic and nighthawks. just tryn to see what the competition looks like.
  12. There was some questionable plays there but RNG came out looking better then they did vs Epsilon. Hopefully they get some good rest and come out tomorrow looking like they did day 1.
  13. RNG is having a rough day.. I strongly believe well see a different RNG tomorrow.
  14. ninja really needs to work on his truth slayer gameplay... Stellur is a god.
  15. wtf is that 360 ground pound montage... that was so cringe...
  16. Really excited to see this RNG vs Allegiance match and CLG vs EG match. I'm also interested in seeing how well Epsilon does against Liquid. I can see that being a close match with how good epsilon was playing yesterday.
  17. They matter. Only 2 teams from each side of pool play make it out. So you need to have the 2 best records in your pool.
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