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  1. Do you think the halo 4 game of the year edition Will have a new Menu and a fresh look/feel.
  2. Okay just to clear the air because I'm getting confused. What does disc two actually contain.I know.it has spartan ops. But does it have maps.like haven/abandon. Also I was just advised to deleted disc two and get it from market place. If I do that what happen?
  3. Yes I deleted the old one on the hard drive and reinstalled The new. But I didn't do it to disc two. Is disc two causing this issue? Because I've had it installed since launch.
  4. Does it install disc that are on maps to the hard rive? In a way. Also should I install the disc 1 after?
  5. Yes it could be but I tried the both discs without the install and the same thing happened. But it reads perfect on my other 4gb xbox which has halo installed on a USB port. I'm going to try a USB install thanks for this. But I still can't get around why is it just that map and everything else is perfect and every game is fine. I even deleted the update and reloaded but problems still occurs.
  6. My issue. Haven crashes when I selected in customs games or if its voted in matchmaking. It takes a while for it to load , as it gets to a certain point my screen freezes.(unsc screen). Sometimes haven loads. Next game it crashes. My console. Xbox slim 250gb.82gb left. What I have thought of. I've deleted and reinstalled the game to my hard drive. Didn't work. I've cleared a system cache. Didn't work. I bought a new halo 4 disc and the same thing happen. I've tried it on another Xbox and it worked fine. What could be cauasing the issue because it just haven. All the other maps work fine. I tried to go on halo way point but didn't get a response. In the support section it ask to give some details but I don't know where to message my info. Any help or suggestions would be helpful thanks.
  7. For 1st -8th place you could.use the Mario kart point system or Diddy Kong racing .
  8. How about get a list of player 1st and see how many you have. Then every week or month you post the the names of the brackets for example. Eg groupe1dank Jake Bill Mark Tony Sam Craig Caron Steve Groupe2 Frank Doom Morrigan Vergil Dante Wesker Phoenix Nova Groupe3 Ryu Ken Chun li Seth Juri Akuma Oni Jun Once you have that then you could give points for example 8 points 1st 2nd points 5 it something like that. If you where going to do this you would start at a month and at the end of the month who has the most points wins. Then you could post the score/ stats in a league chart where who has the most points will be on top. So I say do a FFA on on the weekend every week then at the end of the month you add up the score for the monthly winner. The monthly stats go on league chart which would be the duration of the whole league for example if you wanted to do this for 6months people would dee there stats for the 6months . The points they get at the end of the month would add up and would be used to place them in the league chart.
  9. Not stopped playing I shouldn't of said that but its probably why they lost a lot of following . Trust me I wouldn't support them follow them if they were like 100 dollars add me. I could give you a list of which pros did this but that's not needed.
  10. Sorry my grammar is bad. If it wasn't for spell check I couldn't probably even spell that well.
  11. Yeah why do you think they are like that at events? They have to contain a image Sponsers ect But why not at least play with some of your fans? If your not scrimming/practice? Just imagine halo 3 times with twitch . Pros streaming there scrims and LAN practices. How can Ninja stream and get more views than Neighbougher or Snipe down because his fans like him. And he interacts with them since reach he has been pulling view 500+ average that's more than the throwdown playlist itself
  12. Yeah your right it is being competitive.
  13. After MLG halo had no where to with no following . Don't even say AGL after pro players and our community leaders are already switching to COD. Look at nadeshot success from streaming and content every time I see that guy stream , and he matches and fan he always say thanks I appreciate it. Not 100 dollars add me.
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