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  1. how the hell did huke get that triple from P2 with no shield loss?
  2. Dude, you are being way too hard on yourself. I thought you did a great job. I thought that you were more eloquent in your speaking than a T2 or Walshy, even though their knowledge of the game is superior--however, that is expected from them. Given the expectations of your casting abilities going into the event, you exceeded them. Furthermore, you will keep getting better the more you cast. You can practice as much as you like, but you'll grow more from the actual events you get to cast, which seems to come few and far between for Halo.
  3. It's truly amazing how competitive the AM tournaments are and yet it is still just AM--there are still 32 elite players in the pro league. The struggle for top-echelon AM players is so real.
  4. sorry i cant seem to figure it out-- Is only EU league delayed? NA starts tonight?
  5. My best halo memory was reaching level 42 team hardcore (Halo 2; no bridging, modding, etc.) and facing Ogre 2, Ogre 1, and Walshy in a 3v3 CTF on Warlock. I vividly remember being pinned under Blue 1 and being afraid to leave the base lol. I got 2 kills and my friend got goosed. Facing pros back then was way more exciting than it is today. I know it made our night!
  6. T2 is doing an excellent job: knowledgeable, fluid in speaking, adds value. My only criticism is that he can be a tad too serious sometimes. Did he even crack a smile when Commonly said that he was still the problem?
  7. I find that silly--Nem has proven to be a more consistent player than Falcated and probably even Goofy. I was really liking Catastrophe tbh. They just needed more time together.
  8. I have to say, I agree with you--to an extent. Still worth watching, but the delay in shot recognition makes the individual battles far less exciting. Same with cross-map shots--its hard to judge the quality of the players if you can't tell whether or not they are actually hitting their shots. Also, no comms. It makes me crave live player streaming.
  9. Who is Monnstcr? Was he in the pro/semi-pro scene in the past? Played against this fool a few times yesterday and he was going off. I was quite impressed.
  10. OK sort of catching up here. I totally thought that the whole "Straight Six" was something someone started because Optic lost their last 6 games in a row. LOL I'm only now seeing that it refers to the jersey. hahaha
  11. Welp, it wouldn't be surprising if these form our 8 qualifying teams--minus 1 from this group--as there are 9 teams listed. Which one won't earn the spot?
  12. Can we get a teambeyond stream going where we all watch OpTic Vision at the same time lol
  13. Is there any money on the line for the upcoming qualifier? I only ask because what is the incentive to try really hard (to win the qualifier) after getting in the top 4 and qualifying? Seed?
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