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  1. Haven't played halo in a month. Disc golf is just way more enjoyable. Considered selling my Xbox and waiting to see if Halo 5 is worth buying before I buy the Xbox One.
  2. Naded did better than you the whole tourney so stfu you have no idea what your talking about. I could have capped that flag on simplex and I suck so go kys
  3. Has anyone played confined ctf?
  4. Kids are so gullible these days
  5. Anyone know when the settings will be available?
  6. Agreed, I wish the chat was disabled during events tbh.
  7. I use a benq like the one they are using at agl8 and I love it.
  8. Gandhi hopping is crouching repeatedly in the air.
  9. How would it affect ambush if all the other top teams refused to scrim them? trolol
  10. In all seriousness you have no idea how halo is meant to be played
  11. What is it with you kids and the AR? Lol
  12. oh ok lol. I can't see signatures cause I'm on my phone
  13. They had the game early and it was only an exhibition. If ambush instinct or sq would have had the game early it may have been a different outcome.
  14. I'd do something a little more clean and simple
  15. yeah that was me. I hope they use it. It looks really good.
  16. I think I play like mikwen. Very aggressive style. I challenge a lot but know when to stay alive. Very aggressive sniper and always pushing up. I wish I had ola or ryanoobs decision making.
  17. Did I give u the idea or was you already working on it?
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