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  1. Haven't played halo in a month. Disc golf is just way more enjoyable. Considered selling my Xbox and waiting to see if Halo 5 is worth buying before I buy the Xbox One.
  2. Naded did better than you the whole tourney so stfu you have no idea what your talking about. I could have capped that flag on simplex and I suck so go kys
  3. Has anyone played confined ctf?
  4. Kids are so gullible these days
  5. Anyone know when the settings will be available?
  6. Agreed, I wish the chat was disabled during events tbh.
  7. I use a benq like the one they are using at agl8 and I love it.
  8. Gandhi hopping is crouching repeatedly in the air.
  9. How would it affect ambush if all the other top teams refused to scrim them? trolol
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