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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing Ascension in the map rotation for Season 2. I'm just really tired of only 3 maps.
  2. I'm sure there will be team changes, but I actually hope a lot of these teams stick together. It really felt to me like everyone was on the same level throughout the entire weekend. There were very few one-sided games. (EG being the exception, they looked incredible). I was mildly impressed by Str8, especially given their overall lack of practice, and think they could compete if they put in the time. Noble really impressed as well. This tournament did a lot to renew my interest in Halo, because given all the issues beforehand, there was not a lot of interest going in.
  3. Can anyone direct me to an updated bracket? Was only able to catch the Noble Black/Vibe series before I had to go.
  4. Has Str8 played at all since the last LAN? Figured they would have used the bonus tourney to get some practice in...but I guess not?
  5. I've come to expect Str8 to disappoint, so they certainly lived up to expectations. EG has looked so good lately, it's hard to anyone else winning the finals at this point.
  6. WTF? Take 2 weeks off from following the scene and all sorts of fun stuff happens, I guess. And only 77 teams for this ESL cup? Seeing a lot of first round BYEs. Pretty disappointing, given the turnouts for the first couple online cups.
  7. Good to see all my favorite players made it. Like UGC Player #7.
  8. So who are the last 32 players left in the FFA? It's been kind of hard to follow so far...
  9. Can someone update me with what is happening in the Str8 vs Optic series? Is optic really trying to pull some crap?
  10. This sounds very similar to the WCS Blizzard runs for Starcraft. And I'm all for that. The hype is real.
  11. Not sure if anyone has heard of/played the game because it's a PS3 exclusive that was released on PS3's launch day, but it's called Resistance: Fall of Man. It was a game heavily influenced by early Halo, and had some of the most fun multiplayer I've ever played. It also included weapon spawns around the map and much of the gameplay centered around controlling power weapon spawns and keeping them out of enemy hands. My ideal game would be some sort of combination between Halo and Resistance 1. I would like Halo's super competitive, Arena style 4v4 setting with a starting weapon like the BR or 3sk pistol, something like that, combined with Resistance's crazy, but really skill oriented weapons. Resistance was created by Insomniac Games (who have made the Ratchet & Clank series) and so a lot of the weapons from Resistance: Fall of Man were off the wall but really cool and took a lot of skill to use effectively, yet in the right hands they could be game changing. Halo, as fun and competitive as I've always found it, has been relatively unadventurous when it comes to weapons in the competitive setting. Especially during the Halo 3/Reach era, where we hardly ever saw a weapon outside of the BR/DMR, Rockets, and Sniper. So a game like Halo, with weapons like RFoM's arc charger/dragon flamethrower/auger, would be my ideal multiplayer shooter. (Yes, this is a cop-out answer, as I just took my favorite two multiplayer games of all time and smashed them together, but that's honestly what my ideal shooter would be).
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