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  1. I think 11-3 in favor of nV, with a decent amount of maps being close.
  2. Was about to type this. Black gun with the white logo would look much better imo.
  3. I just miss the days of H2A when OpTic was a T4 team even though they never practiced.
  4. I don't mind 3rd person, but I mind when it's used at the worst times.
  5. My guess is something happened. You could probably tell if he rage quit, like there would be some rage involved, not just disappearing.
  6. 2gre retiring is giving me more feels than the first time I watched the original Pokemon movie.
  7. He stayed up all night to fix his sleep schedule, he was waking up at like 8 pm his time.
  8. From what I saw Spartan was actually trying, and Assault only bagged once (could have been more but I only saw it once). Earned it though as he kind of destroyed Str8 Sick.

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