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  1. Streaming scrims looking for our new 4th for StL, come check it out! twitch.tv/sev_cm
  2. Awesome, thanks a ton man, appreciate it!
  3. Ordering one today, just not sure which would be better to go with. Figured I'd try to get some opinions since it's a lot of money to drop on a controller.
  4. The Sol emblem being attainable makes me so happy, I had no idea but I've been missing it like crazy D:
  5. Bump, still looking. Possible to2, will be on tomorrow after 10EST and all day Sat+Sun.
  6. Looking for people to run Arena or 8s with, Onyx ~1600-1700 this season, highest was just under 2k I believe, on every day, can be on whenever I'm not working. Located in eastern Canada, 1 hour ahead of EST but usually on til at least 3-4am EST as long as I have people to play with. gt - lowlifeSev
  7. Trying to get back into gaming after a long time of on and off playing, been around for a while and have attended events, at about Onyx 1600 currently but have been higher every season I've played in if that matters. Able to attend pretty much any event as long as I have a few weeks notice, I get off either at noon or 10pm EST when I work, ususally work 3-4 days a week but my schedule is very easy to work around and currently looking for a job that has a schedule that allows me to be on earlier every night. Not looking to waste anyone's time or have my time wasted because if I'm going to spend my time grinding, I want it to be worthwhile so if you're interested in running games, hit me up on twitter or XBL, I'll be playing all night tonight after 10pm EST and if you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. twitter/gt - Sev cm
  8. vVitai and myself are looking for two for LCQ as well as other LANs, online tourneys, etc. We're under an org, have event xp, both of us have been around for a long time and Onyx ~1900 arena if that matters. We'll be on tonight around 730est to run games, prefer to2s but will still run with FAs, event xp is great but not necessary, be at least Onyx in arena. GT/Twitter - lowlifeSev @lowlifeSev vVitai @T_ravv
  9. to2, been around for a while (used to game with you back when my GT was Stryfe, hahah), I have event xp, Onyx ~1920 arena if that matters, hit me up if you want to run some games. I can be on anytime tonight and my teammate can be on at 730pm est. GT - lowlifeSev - vVitai
  10. New team looking for dedicated fourth, hit one of us up to run. GTs: lowlifeSev MiX YeXuM vVitai
  11. Looking for more for arena, slayer or btb. Onyx in slayer/arena/ffa if it matters. gt - lowlifeSev
  12. East coast, lots of experience, I only work part time so I can be on pretty much whenever, willing to put lots of time into this if it starts working well, hit me up if you want to try running games. . gt - lowlifeSev
  13. GT - lowlifeSev, i'll message you and we can run later if you're on!
  14. gt - lowlifeSev, hit me up if you're running today, i'll be on pretty much all night.
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