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  1. They were tested back in the day and yeah, they aren't it. BTW BOYS WE BACK HOLY SHIT
  2. Lethul hasn't placed outside the top two on LAN since January 2015 (UGC St. Louis, H2A). Would be pretty nuts.
  3. It was for sure the turning point though. Game was tied, and because of a broken reload of a fuel rod (on truth) Frosty doesn't get the easy kills and Envy gets 5 fuel rod shots which are used to make a gap.
  4. Wrong clip Yep here we go. It made the ammo in mag sound. I was sitting there like 'oh my god the gun didnt reload and he hasnt noticed'. And sure enough the turning point of the game is because Halo 5 is broken.
  5. Yeah I swear he reloaded it. And then I noticed it wasn't loaded and was just waiting for Frosty to get fucked over by it. Anyone have a clip of him reloading it?
  6. The Cody Christian guy is friends with Robbie B. His GT is Dilemma or something. And yeah he was the little brother of one of the main girls in Pretty Little Liars.
  7. Just caught up with the past few days. Why the shit are pro teams not going to UGC? We've got a non-ESL group trying to help grow Halo and only two pro teams are going?
  8. Aren't you allowed to play with a waiver from your parents? Thought I read that in regards to the Halo age requirement.
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