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  1. I Live in Gurnee, IL I believe I posted in here before, but just in case I didn't.
  2. Nah I thought I made a post in a section about introducing yourself and in the find local players thread, but my account says otherwise.
  3. My team and I use the majority of the ones that are on the bottom left of the screen with a few changes and it's been working really well. Though it would be cool if we could get some official competitive call outs. Edit: Wow I just realized this was my first post.
  4. I think any pro would do, but definitely someone from the older era would be best in my eyes.
  5. I completely agree with you, but I also feel that someone like (not specifically him) Snipedown should be the star. A player who has been competing for most of the Halo games. Someone who's probably stuck with Halo since H2 or H3 until now.
  6. I've been great. Just got an old team mate back on the team.
  7. Hello everyone, I’m Astral. I’m a competitive gamer, working hard to make the best of myself and my team. I’m the current Squad leader of Tactical Gaming’s Blizzard squad. I am an online player for now since I don’t have the means to travel. I am on daily for a good period of time. I’m always looking for people to play and scrim with, so feel free to add me. If my friends list is full just send me a message. I’m a well-rounded player and always looking to improve. If anyone is interested my team is currently looking for more members (just putting that out there). My GT is Astral PGL and there are other things under my sig. I don’t post to much I think I’ve been on beyond for the past 2 or 3 months, but I plan on posting more.
  8. I'm typing in all my log info right and I keeps telling me my pass is wrong and now I've changed it like 3 times. Thoughts?
  9. My Map and Gametype suggestion (IMO) CTF: Pitfall Lotus (from T4) 2nd set Pitfall Onyx Extraction: Haven The Ark 2nd set Haven Station 9 Ricochet: Pitfall Lotus 2nd set Pitfall Skyline Slayer: Abandon Haven Onyx Skyline Vertigo/Pitfall 2nd set Abandon Haven Onyx Skyline Lotus/Simplex Just to troll do not take this seriously Station 9 Ricochet... Nuff said.
  10. Ok here is an idea on how vertigo could be set up 1 put the teams initially spawning in each of the caves to balance the placement of the power weapons for initial rushes 2 move the rockets on the Smaller shock tower (beach tower) to make it so that it is a "high risk high reward item" and not a map control key, the shock buttons make it to where you have to control more of the map than just the area that the Rockets are spawning at 3 remove one of the snipers and put it on the other shock tower for the same reason as the Rockets 4 move the OS to the Rockets current location (bottom Mid) this makes the OS an item that could turn the tide of a battle but not a key to doing so because of the nade pit of a location it makes it to where you have to get in get it and get out This is one of my friends take on how Vertigo should work/be laid out.
  11. It's different for everyone, personally I feel playing with better players will help improve, but FFAs like said above help improve your quick thinking skills and escaping tough situations. Playing throwdown by yourself like said above is also really helpful. Being able to adapt to other players who you never teamed with before is a good way to improve your team play decision when playing with some that is a different mindset or play style than yourself. Be open minded and think about why you died in one situation and think of something else you could of done to stay alive since your better alive then you are dead. If you want some more voices to play with just hit me up online at Astral PGL.
  12. I agree with the thing everyone has said, but the last few days I've been in a slump, and my competitive strive has been at it's lowest point it has ever been. Now after yesterday with the start of AGL 9 and watching First strike episode 11 and 10 with Gandhi's thoughts 60-62, I think my competitive strive has launched and I play four times what I use too. I think finding your strive and inspiration to be competitive will push you to be better. Pair up with people better than you and constantly play against them and with them eventually the mindset and even skill sometimes will rub off. It just takes sometime. I'm down to play and so is my team if you're looking for people to play just add Astral PGL on xbox live.
  13. And then I see you here as well this is the third time a ran into. lulz.
  14. I wish I could go, but too many money problems, but I live in IL so hit me up on XBL on Astral PGL if you're down to play.
  15. Everything was pretty much good for me until you hit age. Well too bad, I wish you guys all luck in what you're looking for. Ever want a scrim hit me up on Astral PGL on xbox my twitter is under my sig. Good luck have fun.

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