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  1. Here's for anyone in DMV area. GT:Alphanumeric5 Fredericksburg Va
  2. Played a handful of games. enough to get my CSR rank. Thought it was fun. not a big fan of the control schemes. tried default and recon. just doesn't feel right either way to me.
  3. AznManJappyChan Played him twice in H4. Strafe was very SK-like. I couldn't handle it.
  4. Hopefully enough ppl search mlg so I can finally play. Never played it so I'm a lvl1... Noob status
  5. Hopefully enough people will DL it and get the DLC so searching MLG won't be a pain. I never played MLG playlist so I am a whopping 1 in that playlist.
  6. D.C. eSports (formerly DC Halo) is having a 2v2 tournament today starting at 1pm at eStarland in Chantilly VA. Details for the event are on their facebook page in the link below https://www.facebook.com/events/159024237637071/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming Team Listings Call of Duty Black Ops 2: 1.) Slayery - Neemr/KHamZz 2.) Panda Squad - Masoor/Holy Haas 3.) Real Talk - Flash/Pepper 4.) WarZone CoD - Monster/CreepyTrash 5.) MAD - IDBETYOURMAD/Twisted Courage 6.) We'd Rather Be Editing - dino pillow/Slixk 7.) Bump & Grind - Treplexity/XGN Johnny 8.) NoVa - DelusionS/AboutThatLifee Halo 4: 1.) A Couple of Chinks in the Chain - Babycakes/Trongavitus 2.) DVDA - Alphanumeric/Fornicus 3.) Flashimal - Flash/Lanimal 4.) WarZone - Monster/CreepyTrash 5.) Madd Money - II K MADD II/PM0neyyy 6.) Havoc - Zadias/vA Pierson 7.) Halogod is Black? - Riot Shock/BlackHaloGod 8.) Walls/Hyre - TWalls01/Froggoflayhee Follow the stream at http://www.twitch.tv/dchalo and support this upcoming local LAN event holder. Thanks!
  7. #2 of course Its in my fileshare as well I believe
  8. I use the HD PVR2 and love it. Only issue I've come across is there's about a second delay on my stream. So my webcam and reactions are right before its actually shown. its been easy for me to upload in youtube when I have. I mostly do all live stream videos though
  9. are there other games besides halo? Ive really gotten into the lore the last few years. Great story. My game collection consists of all the halos, Sega Genesis collection and Skate 3. When X1 comes out Ill have Watch Dogs. Really all i like is Halo. I suppose thats why
  10. Tonight Is DC Halos Summer Throwdown Grand Championship. Come check out the stream tonight starting at 6:45pm. This event is being held at the Microsoft store in Tyson's Corner, VA. Click link below for event details https://www.facebook.com/events/708735842486835/?ref=22 There will be some big local names making it out to the event. the link below is the list of all the competitors and bracket for this evenings FFA https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqzLwgbJisgOdFNFNmJHTzg0MVJyUUNxNEF6VWpVNmc&usp=sharing tweet the stream http://www.twitch.tv/dchalo Help spread the word on this local LAN group Enjoy!
  11. Playing H1at Lan parties with my friends that lived in the neighborhood next to where I lived. Then playing H2 at my friends house on xbl. Still remember the feeling of winning my first lone wolves game. After that I just started watching montages online and mlg on usa
  12. DC Halo LANs is live streaming their FFA tourney on twitch http://www.twitch.tv/DChalo right now they have Monster on stream. I saw Riot Shock there as well. Check it out. Tis' the season for FFA's
  13. DC Halo is having another FFA on Friday July 5th. (kind of a crappy date IMO) 1st place is getting a Xbox slim. check out their facebook page for more info.
  14. Hey guys, just helping spread the word on a local LAN thats going on this Friday. Its at the Microsoft store in Tysons Corner Center (Tysons Corner, VA) Its part of their D.C. Halo Summer Throwdown. This is event #2 of 6. Winner of this event will go home with a XBox 360 Slim. I know everyone on here already has 360s so winning it could be a nice trade in for a new X1 if your planning on getting one. Its FREE to enter and will start around 6pm. I will link the event page below for the rest of the details. https://www.facebook.com/events/203516106465426/
  15. Last FFA I went to it was just Haven and Simplex. I am a bit surprised Hes going with different maps.
  16. check out this group on facebook for local LANs. I went to a FFA they had back in april and it was good. https://www.facebook.com/DCHaloLANs
  17. I think ill post in here since this seems like the general F/A forum. I've been playing halo since 03. Been more of a casual player but have been following a lot of competitive halo and playing in team throwdown by myself. Every one on my friends list is playing CoD or minecraft.. :/ I'm definitely a filler/support player. I live in Fredericksburg Va and can possibly travel to places along the east coast. No guarantee though due to working a full time job and raising a family. I usually play a couple nights during the week after the baby goes to bed and on the weekends. If you want to see my gameplay I stream on twitch under fxbg_alphanumeric and also have some gameplay on YouTube under jcburdette2 Twitter:@jcburdette2 GT:Alphanumeric5

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