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  1. My top 8 of this an ill try to be as non biased as possible.


    CLG - they have ogre 2, and clearly he's been doing stuff right since the beginning of halo, royal 2 and snakebite who kinda just clean up everything, then you have heinz who's kinda their do it all type of guy, so I see them winning this whole thing.


    EG - I think these guys will come in a close second, I think they have too much slaying power and the reason I say this is cause it seems that they slay a ton but games sometimes last forever, not calling any of them stats it's just how their play style seems, I feel like Roy Snipedown and Lethul are just those type of players who JUST kill because of there play styles, with lunch in my eyes being like the heinz of the team.


    Denial - I see them getting third, I think they're the undisputed third place team in my eyes, I don't see them losing to anyone but Eg or Clg, they have ryanoob who can really do whatever the team needs at that time whether it be pull attention away from the team slay and obj, Chig who is a neuscence to kill he's more of a slow player so he just LIVES, then cloud and Mikwen who I think are surprisingly sick and I've told both of them how much raw talent thy have


    Optic - Id say optic in 4th in my eyes they don't really seem like they improved or got worse off the team change, I think contra is def a good player and proving it but I don't know if he's the player to get them a tournament win, other than that a decently well rounded team


    Cloud 9/Elevate - with both these teams I feel like they could be both hit or miss, cloud 9 does have a lot of lan players "lansteria" or Cam but I think the ultimate factor in them doing better is ninja, I think he has the most the work on out of them all, if he plays good I see them doing good


    Cloud 9/Elevate - Now elevate I'm not really that big of a fan of this team, but getting rid of shaffer I think was ultimately the right decision every team he's been on in the past it always seemed he kinda just held them back, I don't know why it seems like that and I'm not tryin to be a dick to him I just think he plays halo wrong, but there 4th from what I've been told is actually pretty good, I've never seen him play but I expect these guys to do better than their last tournament


    Noble Black - now I've been watching them a lot and it seems like since the team change with Apg for contra they've gotten a whole lot worse, I honestly don't know why, cause I think Apg is a really good player most of them to be honest, I wanted to team with aries forever now and I've always thought maniac was good but they do just not seem to click so I def think the team change kinda screwed them.


    Str8 - now str8 Rippin tons I could say about this, but I don't see this team making the top 8 as much as I love Str8 sick he's gotta lot to carry. Their first problem they don't practice EVER even when I was on the team, second problem I think Naded COULD be the best player in the game but like Str8 Sick I think he's such an emotional player and I think if something doesn't go his way or both these players way outside of the game or they're just not feeling it they are kinda average players, but vice versa I think if you see the "hyped Naded" or "happy str8 sick" those two alone are the best players in the game, then you have t2... Well he's doing yoga or meditating or some shit. No but honestly him or legit are the weak links on this team, tom just doesn't have it at least in my eyes and even after everythjng hope he proves me wrong. Now legit I don't think hes a bad player necessarily, but I def don't think he's great either, he's kinda just THERE he doesn't play hasn't really done well the past tournaments so I think more of the old friendships got him on the team. But hope these guys do well just cause of my relationship with Str8 Sick love that guy like a little brother :)


    I know there's other possible teams but I didn't know them off the top of my head hence why I quoted this post.

    Looks like I'm team killing again, oh boy :/

  2. You have to look out for yourself when it comes to making roster changes. I'm glad APG has finally learned this, because in the past he has been too nice and stayed on a team he hasn't wanted to before. It took me a while, too. All of the players on Optic themselves said Aries didn't even deserve to be dropped, yet they dropped him. Maybe APG felt like he deserved to be on a team that practiced. I get that Ace has mono and I wouldn't want to get on either. It doesn't change the fact that APG wants to be on a team that plays. I don't think any of the Optic players have been playing much at all in the past month.


    Plus, APG's post earlier said that it's a multitude of reasons as to why he left Optic for Noble, so even though Aaron is certainly justified about why he didn't practice, it's not the only reason APG left the team. Optic Halo is literally just the Optic name. Noble will give him coverage to events, and sorry, Halo isn't in that great of a position now, so getting expenses covered for events is a big deal. This is a pretty clear cut decision (the right one) IMO.

    You're one of the few people that understands me :')

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  3. Ryan is right, we should be more grateful. I personally like the idea of what they are doing, OQ's, show matches, etc. Makes things a bit more interesting. The only issue I have is the flagship map (which everyone probably already knows). If you don't like the map as well, try giving Proverb/IronGaming some justification of why. Maybe just maybe we can get through to him. If not then at least we tried and it could possibly be taken out in later tournaments.

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