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  1. 1 Enigma6 1

    9 Soul Red 7

    2 Allegiance 2

    6 OpTic Halo 6

    3 Renegades 3

    5 Team Liquid 5

    4Team EnVyUs 4


    Left - seed for the tournaments today.

    Right - current seed for Burbank


    Denial seed - 10

    God Tier seed - 7


    So, if God Tier advances, they take the 7th seed that Soul Red currently holds and Soul Red moves to 8th seed.

    If Denial advances, they simply fill that 8th seed. 

    Can you please release how the seeds work? I've been confused ever since the seeds for today came out. What would be the point of a online qualifier for LAN and not use the tournament standings/records for seeding? This is showing that a team that went 2-1 and 2-0 essentially are the same. There has to be some advantage from winning both of your series today

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  2. Yes, ONLINE

    There are countless examples in e-sports of team's who dominate online, that preform entirely different on LAN, yes online has become more prevalent these day's but that does not dismiss the fact that it cannot be used to determine a team's overall capability as there are mitigating factors which cause some players to play at a disadvantage in comparison to others. 


    Edit: Denial lost to elevate, does that make elevate a better team,  how about renegades are they better than EG?

    I think a better way of working out how good a team was, is to look at the average placings, 

    I am very confused how you're saying all of this, we had that record on LAN. Plus we did 3-0 AE at worlds so saying that we wouldn't have beat them is the furthest thing from the truth

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  3. TL (Spartan, Stellur, APG, Eco) vs. Ryanoob/Goofy/Danoxide/Nemassist scrim scores:


    Truth CTF: 2-0

    Plaza TS: 48-50

    Empire SH: 55-100

    Regret TS: 50-48

    Fathom CTF: 3-1

    Rig SH: 100-31

    Truth TS: 50-38 (though Ryanoob's team was up 23-13 before a lagout, so they had to replay).

    Coliseum CTF: 3-0

    Rig TS: 50-45

    Eden SH: 100-77

    Coliseum TS: 50-48

    Plaza SH: 72-100

    Eden TS: 50-36


    TL wins 10-3, though a lot of games were close, mainly Slayers. 


    They then replayed 4 of the gametypes:

    Empire SH: 100-18

    Coliseum TS: 25-50

    Fathom CTF: 3-2

    Rig SH: 36-12 before lagout and end of scrim.

    We only replayed Truth TS during the full series so I don't know where you're getting those other scores lol.

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  4. IF Cloud goes to Optic...


    I really think the best possible lineup for Liquid is Ace, Spartan, Stellur and Eco (Yes I realize I said those 3 players wouldnt work together, I was wrong)


    APG should join Heinz, Ogre 2, and Hysteria IMO. 


    I WOULD put APG on Liquid here but if Ace doesnt go to Optic I dont see him leaving the org tbh.

    So you're putting him on the roster solely because of the org? Not trying to be rude or anything like that by the way, just actually curious to the reasoning.

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