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  1. Yes it does need clarifying. But Ace playing while his brother casts and has stake in Str8 is a conflict of interest. Cratos logging Stellur out of a match so that he can be dq'd is cheating. Two completely different things, and any objective party should able to realize that. Interestingly, its those who recognize these objective differences that are considered 'biased'.

    Elamite has nothing to do with Str8, this is just simply an issue involving Elamite and Ace + them being siblings. Don't know if that's been said before

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  2. He did blatantly say no radar would be worse and continued to say he's never played without radar. It's not the differing opinion that matters.

    Sorry I should have included IMO in my OG post like the rest. I was just stating my opinion and my thoughts about the radar situation. Just from playing the game currently and watching the meta change slightly to what it is now gives makes me assume what could happen in the future.  But like I said the first issue that should be handled is the weapon placements, then thinking about the radar. 


    Also @@TiberiusAudley https://clips.twitch.tv/ninja/PleasantDunlinKappa

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  3. Radar makes pushing out almost impossible, especially in slayer. There are countless times where players have been trapped in yellow on Plaza and they opt to crouch in corners because pushing out is too risky. The players pushing out don't have map control, which I'm sure everyone agrees is a huge disadvantage. Radar inherently punishes the pushing team even further with them already losing map control. Do you have any evidence that radar slows gameplay down? I agree weapon layouts are bad and need to be fixed. People stopped complaining about radar because the myriad of other problems the game has and 343s lack of responsiveness.

    I've played 0 games of no radar because at this point in time because it would be a waste and I'd rather focus on improving on the current settings. I have watched numerous hours of it and talked to multiple people that have played it. As for your example, I'd argue that people are staying crouched in yellow because that side of the map currently has: A BR, Light Rifle, storm rifle, silenced SMG, and combo. All of which spawn very quickly, Wait for weapons before you push = you have the advantage when the other side of the map has virtually nothing. Like I said it may seem like a great idea currently, but in a month if weapon placement doesn't change it will be worse IMO

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  4. What about an ability only radar? I do agree about the weapon snowball effect, but studies show that radar decreases the tendency to push. 

    Why they don't stream on Halo channel is very confusing. MLG hosts all the Gears stuff but that's because they have a bigger Twitch reach IMO. At this point in our size we need to have everything on the main Halo Twitch. 

    Radar doesn't decrease pushing too much IMO, it's mostly weapons holding people on a spawn, crouching to get a pick. An ability only radar would be cool to try and I wouldn't mind testing that. I'm just forewarning people that if you played these settings with no radar, in a month this game will be the slowest its ever been. Main focus needs to be balancing weapons on a map. People weren't complaining about the radar till recently, and that's because of the amount of added weapons and even buffing them so more people would use them.

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