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  1. How isn't there a risk for a tough pool if this pool can still technically happen? I'm very confused on what you're saying here
  2. Agree 100%. I personally don't mind it even though it may come off as I do. Main issue is there's no reason to draw the worlds pools live but not do the qualifying event live. Seems very odd
  3. You do realize this would still be the same thing if the pools were set-up in a standard fashion, correct? 1-8-9-16, 2-7-10-15. Might be entertaining to you, but if the pools aren't drawn in front of our faces then it seems like they're rigging it. Which I don't doubt lol
  4. I'm sure this has been a topic discussed before, but it was recently brought up between a couple pro players and I who are unfortunately not in the T8 for pool play at ORL. What are your guys' thoughts on americans unable to attend EU events but they are awarded auto spots in champ bracket in NA? Once again sorry for the late topic, just genuinely curious and I don't check these forums too often anymore, thank you
  5. Rayne is incredible in more ways than one and I will not tolerate any slander of him
  6. Not one single pro team to my knowledge has practiced oddball. The gametype doesn't work on all maps/not fun/chaotic. Don't just single him out individually because he said something #whiteknight
  7. Don't know if it has been announced publicly, but EU have the 7th, 8th, and 9th seeds. So this is how the bracket will play out
  8. Can someone please explain this player/team cap thing to me, it seems so confusing and doesn't make sense
  9. I'm guessing you mean like a pro team coming in and taking a seed correct? Cause at the moment in H5 there are about 17/32 new pros. But I can see your argument about the team thing. As I said in my other post this isn't about me wanting the entire prize pool, not once have I said that which is why I don't get the top 12 comments talking shit to us. It's a great move and blatantly obvious as moses said that it's to help grow the game/scene whatever. I and the other pros came from a different era of "coming up" so we are going to be biased. Pros aren't going to be happy necessarily with the move and AM players will love it. I can see the AM players POV but I also think people need to see the other one as well. I'm not even trying to cause a fight or anything like that so I don't get what you're tryna accomplish @frankthebitch
  10. So what exactly do you think my argument is? I want the entire prize pool for pros cause I'm greedy?
  11. You have an infinitely better chance now to become a pro than then. You used to come out of am and immediately play FB or whoever round 1. Also I think the stipend question is irrelevant because that's not taken out of a prize pool + I was a pro player. I do agree that the league shit is dumb and it should never have been a thing. Both viewpoints on this topic are going to be biased in some way so at this point we're just arguing to argue.
  12. Yes, but to me that's irrelevant to the topic entirely.
  13. You do realize multiple pros have voiced their opinion on the topic, so what makes you decide to go straight for us? Would really love to know considering Snipedown, Ace, Lethul, SB, etc. say something. I've been a pro for 9 years, placed top 12 multiple times and not once did I complain that I wasn't getting $. Comments like these are just baffling and make 0 sense
  14. 22* People still like me for another 2 months and then it's all downhill
  15. Ronin vs EG tomorrow for 6th place, it goes H2H before map %
  16. Just unlucky tbh, didn't think it was that big of a deal. On my stream I usually just say what's going on so people can stop speculating dumb shit and rumors start. Something to do with an MNDA and how it's supposed to be kept between ESL/players. Completely understandable, only reason I was upset was because it came a week after I originally streamed.
  17. Ironic because I got fined for this the other day lol https://clips.twitch.tv/crowdedannoyingchinchillatf2john S/o Trippey and Saiyan for the carry
  18. Str8 asked me on Monday right before we were supposed to scrim if they could play with a new player since I was planning on going to LG, I said that's fine and they've been playing with Commonly since in both PL and scrims. Am I supposed to do nothing? They've also said it's fine if I go + Ace also scrimmed with Liquid while under contract. I don't know why I'm being made to look bad lol.
  19. You're right 100% I feel you. Didn't plan on saying anything to him especially after he claimed his ex navy seal dad thought halo events could be ISIS and that's one of the reasons he wasn't allowed to attend. But I decided to have some since out of nowhere he wanted to say he's better than our entire team, and shit I don't ever say anything about my skill cause I'm just an average halo pro. It was good one though right?
  20. Top 16 was pro and each person got a $400 stipend in the top 16.
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