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  1. It's not the same because there isnt a risk of a tough pool. Youre playing the same level of teams, but the excitement is in the potential matchups



    That would be





    Contra dan monster bxby j

    Shooter fal tapping dan



    That pool would have been murder

    How isn't there a risk for a tough pool if this pool can still technically happen? I'm very confused on what you're saying here

  2. Did you not understand my post?



    Theyre grindiing just to make top16 in points. The seeds dont matter anymore and shouldnt beyond the top4, since they dont share placings. There is nothing separating rng and fyra based on Orlando for instance.



    The 5-8 teams deserve better placements than the two groups below, and they will get it. At no point will any of the 5-8 teams not be considered the rightful 2nd best in a pool. This way leads to more varied matchups. It's much more entertaining

    You do realize this would still be the same thing if the pools were set-up in a standard fashion, correct? 1-8-9-16, 2-7-10-15. Might be entertaining to you, but if the pools aren't drawn in front of our faces then it seems like they're rigging it. Which I don't doubt lol

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  3. Lol.dan"we didn't practice it so we aren't playing it!" I expected better from Snakebite. You knew it was a game type that was going to be played. You choosing not to practice it doesn't change that.

    Not one single pro team to my knowledge has practiced oddball. The gametype doesn't work on all maps/not fun/chaotic. Don't just single him out individually because he said something #whiteknight

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  4. Were you getting stipends though?


    Were you getting bracket fucked due to MLG giving pro teams 16000 pro points arbitrarily?


    Were you relegated to a league that was completely segmented from pro's, making it nearly impossible to get high quality scrims...


    Pro's wanna bring up the past to support their rediculous argument, but won't mention how much better things were for AMs back then, structurally.


    I'm sorry but how?


    What is the difference between earning a stipend by placing top16 and earning prize money? It's a means to the same end.

    You have an infinitely better chance now to become a pro than then. You used to come out of am and immediately play FB or whoever round 1. Also I think the stipend question is irrelevant because that's not taken out of a prize pool + I was a pro player. I do agree that the league shit is dumb and it should never have been a thing. Both viewpoints on this topic are going to be biased in some way so at this point we're just arguing to argue. 

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