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  1. Should I make a twitlonger/post explaining everything in detail regarding offers/why I left? I feel it's much needed at this point to clear the air.
  2. I'm on Denial 100%. Didn't feel that Noble woukd get a good enough 4th that I would be confident in to be short and Denial is an amazing opprotunity. I have NO IDEA how the maniac/noble situation is gonna work out, but I'm clear of all of the contract stuff.
  3. LMAO, I don't feel the need to respond to Sudd 2 anymore, just beating a dead horse at this point.
  4. I'm 100% on Noble Black. Yes OpTic was a great opportunity, but in my eyes a team like that (with me on it) needs as much practice as we can get especially with G4G and champs being so close to each other. When looking at pros/cons for NB and OpTic, NB won by a landslide in mostly every category you think about in regards to joining a team. So in summary that's why I left if anyone was wondering.
  5. Should I make a twitlonger/post explaining my decision? (or nah)
  6. Ryan is right, we should be more grateful. I personally like the idea of what they are doing, OQ's, show matches, etc. Makes things a bit more interesting. The only issue I have is the flagship map (which everyone probably already knows). If you don't like the map as well, try giving Proverb/IronGaming some justification of why. Maybe just maybe we can get through to him. If not then at least we tried and it could possibly be taken out in later tournaments.
  7. I did get an e-mail, now you can stop saying that.
  8. Someone should make a H4GC prediction thread, just a thought.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words about me guys I don't normally respond to forum posts by people, but I feel the need to do so with some of the things that have been said. When you all say, "Why drop a player after getting 2nd?", you are all forgetting that I was dropped by Ambush after WINNING an event and only dropping ONE game in the tournament, but I still understood their decision 100%. Along with not only being dropped by Status Quo, but also Classic recently Teams/Players feel as if they add a different player they'll become the best team. I am not at all saying we are going to be the best team, we'll have to see the weekend of the event. For all I know this team could be awful, but you have to understand it from the players point of view even if you don't know their full reasoning behind their decision. I am extremely thankful for this opprotunity because I did not believe this was a possibilty and I was out of options while getting closer to putting the controller down. Good luck to Naded and whatever he decides to do. I have big shoes to fill and a lot to prove.
  10. I think I'm a F/A...? :mellow:

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