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  1. There's nothing I didn't want him to say. I meant that as in the team wasn't 100% and I could've changed my mind
  2. I'd still hold off on that vlog if I was you. Like I said I have the utmost respect for you as a player/person and have nothing negative to say towards you.
  3. Not any whatsoever. Just don't want any self-victimizing or lies to the public. Simple as that
  4. There was a match 2 matches prior to ours that took 3 hours to finish due to connection issues
  5. Can someone please explain to me what these PROX scores are? I'm legitimately lost in all of this. And are they called PROX scores because your name is PROXima? @@pROxiMa
  6. GGs to Liquid/WFX/OpTic and thank you TB for a great tourney.
  7. Mikwen couldn't play long so we wanted to get the objective games in + the sudd scrim was sort of a "warm-up" scrim so we could get a feel for the game as a team.
  8. I mean he was on our team, and I'm just saying youre wrong again. Like someone said it's not as simple as that.
  9. If you think thats the reason he's not playing, you're 100% wrong.
  10. Panda was right. Formal was originally on our team until about October 20th and we found out he couldn't compete. Therefore we had to get a new player and org. I can't neccesarily say why at this time but he did want to play 100%.
  11. Lethul is definetly better than me, but thank you for the compliment Game is very difficult and I'm usually NEVER good at the beginning of halo games, ask anyone lol. I have a LOT to work on
  12. Am I wrong for believing he meant this in the context of "this team is going to lose" because it is 3/4ths of my team and the way he just said that...?
  13. Yes I think he's capable of winning events when he's playing up to his par, but that goes for a lot of players. He's had the chance to team with great players like Heinz has, only once I believe (could be wrong, this is relating to EG in H2A). And yes he's had success, but I'm sure he could have a lot more if he made more wise decisions that benefit him in the long run.
  14. Because this isn't about friends and making other people happy. Look out for yourself and you will be more succesful. It was his fault he chose to not join EG and stay on OpTic. Being loyal isn't going to get you anywhere besides unhappiness and less than you deserve placings. I learned this when I chose to stay on Noble Black and turning down Denial (Heinz, Chig, Mikwen) before season 2. The day after I told my team I wanted to stay, Maniac left for OpTic. Just an example. Also, tD in H3 he was on Ambush with Pistola, Nexus, and I believe Cloud. After the 2008 season they were noticed by SK and Hysteria because of their skill and were picked up, which lead to them winning the first event of the 2009 season.
  15. Not to be rude but I think you're forgetting tD in Halo 3? Your teammates are a reflection of your abilities IMO. So if he has better teammates, he most definitely earned them and I'm not just saying this because he's my teammate. He's won an event in every halo except H2/H1, you can't take that away from him.
  16. I said if everything goes smoothly*. There's been a few bumps but like I said, it will be worth it. We apologize
  17. Lying to the public isn't a good look on you man. Stop letting your emotions get the best of you and move on. None of this is personal and you shouldn't think it is.
  18. It's obvious because of your tweets/what you've been spreading even though we specifically asked you not to say anything. Thanks! I wish I could say I'm surprised you're being immature again but really I'm not

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