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  1. Regardless of having a "core 3" on a team, one player can make an insane difference. Different playstyles and both of the teams can have a COMPLETELY different mindset of how you play the game. Best example I can give is when Stellur and I played with Devon/Contra. It was blatantly obvious that we both had different goals of what to do on certain maps. And if you want another example, look at CLG + LethuL. He turned them into an aggressive team because that is the type of player he is, whereas CLG used to be a passive/stationary set-up team. On another note if you guys cared at all, Ace has decided he wants to run games with OpTic, so Spartan, Unlegit, Stellur, and I will be running games tonight.
  2. What I said was that you always seem to put our team down or discredit us no matter what it is from, scrim results, tourney stats. etc. In my opinion it's very counterproductive especially seeing as how you're our analyst and your job is to help us reach our max potential, but all I see on beyond is you downplaying us. Not in any way am I saying you don't help us becaause you do a great deal.
  3. He had to be carrying? :/ You couldn't just say he was being a good teammate? :/
  4. I'm not secretly running games, I've told my entire team and this isn't a secret tag. Just trying everything out to see what works the best.
  5. Why do people want him and I to go to OpTic so badly?
  6. I know a lot of scrims happened tonight, has Tormented posted any scores?
  7. Apparently SoaR and Denial scrimmed tonight does anyone have the score of that?
  8. Usually we would play the 4th seed but nV unfortunately lost and the 9-16 rosters were all mixed up due to team changes/points.
  9. I hope Tom asks Brett for your spot and you get dropped.
  10. Nobody is going to "fight" to be on EG. If they want you, they will ask you themselves.
  11. I think at this point in time we should update the first post to include the top 16 seeds, even if there are changes being made to teams. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=4CF7C6767800AED2!107&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AOOy68r8I5IiGUI Don't know how to link on the forums but this includes updated teams/points and shows when its last been updated. @@CyReN
  12. No, we're not fake at all. It's exactly what TJ said, you were fine up until you were just saying obsurd things about CLG.
  13. You literally called Ogre 2 a Meth head and made fun of someones dad for having cancer. Just stop
  14. You do realize I never lagged out right? I got kicked from a game/stayed online which is EXACTLY what happened to Ninja today in a series and the other time my teamspeak randomly cut off.

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