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  1. Agreed 100% and thank you. That's the way I should be looking at things like this
  2. Well you say you don't mean any harm, then end your post with "wtf was he doing the whole game?" And then pretty much blame me for any loss that we get and say something about my pro league performances. Have you watched all of our scrims recently? @@Dankgravy I don't think neg repping is even worth mentioning.
  3. I'm not here to defend myself, but man I'm just baffled that you are going out of your way this time to put me down for trying to give constructive criticism to get better and calling me out for saying I don't know what they were doing when the OS was coming up...when I didn't know what they were doing when the OS was coming up lol. And then you continue to say "wtf was he doing the whole game?". I know I'm aggressive at times and my tone can be harsh, it's something I've been trying to work on. I'll just stay quiet from now on
  4. You guys don't know the whole story, leave it alone
  5. Sorry didn't have a great series and it's not easy having 0 power weapons/power ups, but in my defense it's not always my job to put up great stats. Regardless, I just guess I gotta find my spot on this team. Sorry again to disappoint you. We all have off days
  6. I understand that, it's just very frustrating seeing constant hate. I don't normally respond to posts like these but lately twitch/forums have me irritated. Saturday Maniac overslept and Sunday I wanted to go over things as a team since we couldn't Saturday/wanted to play as much as we could before the pro league matches. And I already gave a reason for tonight. We will be playing RNG and then CLG both tomorrow night.
  7. Posts like these are honestly annoying. You haven't seen nV scrim in how long, same with EG, and possibly ALG. Yet no one says one word about them. We were going to play RNG tonight, but like Hamy said they couldn't play for long, so we scheduled for tomorrow early.
  8. There is an option, hence the 48 hour rule to notify them, just the email wasn't sent in a timely manner. I do think the pros should host the halo channel and could possibly record their matches similar to how OpTic does in CoD? Also agree that watching a player themselves is about 100x better than the spectator mode online. No doubt about that which is why i can see some wanting individual PoVs. You guys have all made great points
  9. Here's to hoping pros do not stream ANY of their league matches. We were in agreement yesterday to not stream regardless of the 48 hour rule. We want to see the halo channel grow and personally I think those stream numbers yesterday were decent. Wish there was a rule in place to enforce no streaming similar to CoD. ESL/343 are doing a lot of production for this league and it shows, taking away from that is selfish in my opinion.
  10. Please do not dwell on what Dan said. We've all said things we don't mean when we're young and it's in the heat of the moment. Obviously I was upset as well and shouldn't have lashed out a bit like that. We were both in the wrong, have apologized to each other, and are fine now. No worries
  11. Sorry just from the format of your post it looked like those were your words. No worries. Also, these are by far the weirdest power rankings this site has seen. How can you have eLevate at #8 when they don't have a full set team and aren't in the pro league? Should be a default top 8 until relegation.
  12. What is your reasoning behind why I personally shouldn't be able to play? Not attacking just actually wondering (nor am I saying I am 100% joining OpTic), but I'm currently a sub, not on a team as a starter.
  13. I have been okay to play for almost a couple weeks now, I play everyday.
  14. I didn't think you meant any harm at all haha, I was just generally curious as to why it was clipped. No worries man, good idea too.
  15. Most we really know is that there will be a transfer period to switch out players mid-season. More info will be released soon.
  16. Guys to save yourselves any speculation about TL: I feel that if I were to even ask to have my spot back at this point it would be disrespectful to Assault as a friend and player. I've known Clete for almost a decade now and am so unbelievably happy with his performance this weekend along with all of TL as a whole. They are/were a force to be reckoned with and you all can finally see how much potential those players have in them. So in summary if it wasn't clear. Assault will 100% be the 4th for the and I'll be on the team for now as a sub until the roster change period where I'll try to get picked up by another top team. No point in being selfish here for my unfortunate circumstances. I will be competing still and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Shit happens and I've been dealt with a shitty hand, but I'm making the best out of it. Once again congrats to TL, well deserved from their hard work.
  17. 100% true, went from a Pure Gangster to APG to be more marketable before
  18. They are using Assault in place of me 100%, if they qualify Assault has told me the spot is mine when I can play

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