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  1. IMO they could've had 1 open event with both of the prize pools from Vegas + OC combined in a central location like Indy or Columbus mid October, although I do like the location choice of Vegas. Maybe UGC combined as well but that isn't HCS sanctioned. Thankful regardless though so this is just a thought.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a prize pool breakdown for teams 1-8 @ the OC 20K event? I've been trying but can't find it can't anywhere
  3. Yeah Idk where that came from at all. Not too fond of someone coming on the forums trying to start unnecessary drama :-/. You're more than welcome to go watch my rebroadcasts to see anything I've said regarding our team situation or when we decided to get renegade as a sub @@Ewok Also I'm not 100% sure but it seems like you edited your post to make it seem more innocent when the original was definitely a lot more "click baitesque", but I could be seeing things. I talk about a lot of things on stream/publicly to give transparency, not for this to happen :-( (Idk why my posts seem so harsh but I promise I don't mean any harm in this lol)
  4. I mean CoD does it, and you're simply missing out on some amazing matches. Imagine if Liquid from season 1 got to play in the actual tournament, they would've been giving those top 4 teams a run for their money. Not to mention this game is broken and continuously gets worse in terms of online play. There are players who exceed on LAN and players who can only play their best in the comfortability of their home in their DXRacer. Not everyone has the opportunity to have amazing internet and to sit next to each other at a team house all season. You're just creating more stress for the players each and every week that is completely unnecessary. Plus you're going to tell me it's more logical for players to play in a league just to keep their spot rather than them wanting to get the best seed in the end so they can win the big tournament...? And I'm sure it couldn't be THAT difficult to add another day to tournaments considering how fast games tend to go and how much downtime there is + finals isn't even until december. In my head this seems very logical and 100% should've been implemented this season, not a random month long break after week three. Sorry if this is harsh, I'm just very upset that competitive halo is now being forced to rely on online only performances and we're only taking steps backwards.
  5. Please just make finals a 3 day tourney, all teams get to attend and the league is for seeding. 7/8 play regulation on Friday and it leads to an 8 team tourney on Saturday/Sunday. It's not too late, but it may seem more complicated than that And @@Timo, does it make sense that 2 teams that play for 3 months in a league get virtually nothing and are only playing to maintain their spot? They don't get a chance to win either, and they've been in the league
  6. Just a joke messing with Ninja for the tweet he made when we lost to OG last week. No disrespect
  7. Thank you, really appreciate it more than you may know
  8. I am currently Braedons public defendant and he is not able to speak on what has happened behind the scenes at the moment.
  9. All depends on their flight times, I know CLG won't be playing because Frosty doesn't get back till late. Pros can also scrim while in Seattle
  10. Thank you guys for all the positive comments seriously, it's very humbling and a big difference from the comments during S1. Much love
  11. What does that have to do with anything...? What I'm saying to you is to not sit here and "assume" that we haven't done anything because we are not public with what we do. There's certain things we choose for you to see, and that goes with all pro players. I hope you can understand that and what I'm saying, no disrespect. Edit: Do you all remember how long it took for me to officially be announced on OpTic and not as their sub?
  12. I guess you guys on the forums know everything, right?
  13. @@W0uld So right now your info to back up your bias is completely based on stats? Hence your quote, "I don't care what plays he's making"? Also, Penguin left ninja for a reason, and he's back with rayne for a reason.
  14. I'm going to ask you as nicely as I can to please stop, we understand that he is your favorite player but this is way too much
  15. Glad I earned your respect, appreciate it sincerely.

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