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  1. I'm usually not the one to say anything about Halo/343/ESL/etc. But after the past event, I can't just accept it anymore. ESL is a great TO IMO, none of my issues are with them. It's mainly the GAME that bothers me. 2 different series we had delays because the servers were messed up/heavy aim/lag. Against Splyce game 1 I was stuck in "respawning in 1" for 10 seconds while watching the whole game skip around. This is unacceptable when playing for top 4 at the biggest tourney. Not to mention the 1 hour delay against nV after game 2 because Snipedown/Hukes aimers were heavy af
  2. Clutch was our coach last event and I enjoy him a lot. He's extremely vocal and knows which play calls to make in certain situations. Plus his voice is distinct which is important for a good coach. Hoax was becoming an extremely good coach as well and he did better each event we had him so don't get me wrong on that. Clutch has more experience (coaching CLG throughout regionals/worlds 2016) and Hoax was essentially just starting, but at the same time improving. Both have their strengths/weaknesses. Unfortunately Clutch can't coach online which def hinders online practice, but that's no excuse and players shouldn't rely on a coach to get them certain power-ups/weapons.
  3. Well, would you mind explaining why else you do literally anything you're doing? Why else do you constantly go at the people who work for 343/ESL as if they ruined your life once upon a time ago? It's definitely not passion and you really don't have any ulterior motive to dislike these people unless you were denied a job with them. They aren't the best we all know that and they know when they fuck up, but for some reason you walk around acting as if you're entitled to a response from them. When in reality you aren't at all, you're just another forum poster with a gold bar who may help out cast some beyond tourneys (you might be an admin too I'm not sure). They don't need to come here to clarify anything with a person who spends hours on the internet wanting their entire operation to go up in flames. Also, I'm sure you wouldn't mind a job from either of these companies if it was offered to you seeing as how you're a full time student. Not taking a shot, just the truth essentially. So like I said, why else do you despise any and everything the HCS has done more than any other human on this planet? This is all over a man casting and his brother playing. You don't have the excuse of saying "favoritism" and rigged brackets because that's out of the window. When you put it into perspective as Elamite casting and Ace playing, this is probably the dumbest uproar this community has caused. It seems you're just trying to exploit a company due to personal reasons. Where were all of you back in November when we joined Str8 during pro league and when we made it to season 2 finals (California) or OpTic in relegation (California) or lastly to qualify for Pro League season 1 in May (California)? All events Elamite casted/Ace played. Why do you choose now as the time to get upset over virtually...nothing.
  4. Elamite has nothing to do with Str8, this is just simply an issue involving Elamite and Ace + them being siblings. Don't know if that's been said before
  5. To the people that are still carrying on the false accusation that someone has helped us obtain our group placing, I figured this may help you out because this has gone on far too long, all jokes aside. Teams from N/A were seeded by points accumulated throughout the season. We placed 4th at St. Louis and 5/6th at Vegas. CP placed top 12, and 4th. We both gained some points through the online cups, but the LAN event placings greatly outweigh the online cups. If i remember correctly, there was about a 1,000 point differential from 4th-5th on LAN, and the online cups were not much. Thus going into the event we were still 4th and they were seeded 7th. At the end of the regular season the ranking of N/A teams go as followed from 1-7 based on points: OpTic, Liquid, nV, Str8, CP, LG, Splyce. For EU, at the end of their season were seeded like this: FABe, Supremacy, London Conspiracy. Also, iM and sTw both advanced from their regions as #1. Now, the regions for seeding go in this order: N/A (1-7), EU (1-3), AU/NZ (1 team), Latin America (1 team). So, here are the seeds for Worlds 1. OpTic 2. Liquid 3. nV 4. Str8 5. CP 6. LG 7. Splyce 8. FABe 9. Supremacy 10. London Conspiracy 11. iM 12. sTW The way the groups were determined were 4 groups, 3 teams. This is how each team was placed in their pool: Seeds 1-4 = A-D, 5-8 A-D, 9-12 A-D. By this I'm saying look at the seeds I mentioned, and match the seeding number with their seeding letter. For example, OpTic is #1/A, CP is #5/A, Liquid #2/B, LG #6/B, etc. This was not released to the public and I'm not even sure if I'm able to be posting this, but as I mentioned this has gone on far too long. I see people like Frank trying to get Ace to not be able to compete or have Elamite lose his job over this nonsense when it's completely unnecessary. Regardless if it's the best format, it is how they decided to do it. I hope this clears things up a bit and helps you guys understand. This kind of information definitely needs to be let known so things don't get out of hand within the community/players and to avoid any confusion.The main problem to me is that there are 7 N/A teams and 12 at worlds total, when the competition is only getting closer. With all that being said I'm excited to be competing this weekend and GL to all the teams going! (Mods feel free to make this MLA 12th grade format and look nice)
  6. For the first time in awhile I just read through 20+ pages of this thread and feel like I was highly entertained but for the wrong reason Let me rock man damn
  7. Hi everyone, over the past weekend I would skim through the thread and noticed a lot of people complaining about production. Being at the event you never really notice things like that, so can anyone sum up to me what exactly was wrong throughout the tourney? Aside from that the event was absolutely great, no complaints at all. Proverb should def be offered to do more than just UGC.
  8. It would've been idiotic for them to leave EG to go to Str8. Not knocking Str8 in any way but EG is an established org with huge sponsors, meanwhile Str8 is just starting. So it makes complete sense for EG to not want to give up their players nor would it have made sense for them to leave all that they have (sponsors, house, etc.) Also since Str8 is just starting they don't want to give up their players as well and build upon them the best they can, so they don't want to have to worry about picking up an entirely different roster or risk being out of the HCS in general and losing their team. For us to go to EG it would have required them to buy out our contracts, and that # wouldn't have been (or wasn't) idealistic for an org like EG to spend on 2 Halo players. There ya go
  9. Sorry I should have included IMO in my OG post like the rest. I was just stating my opinion and my thoughts about the radar situation. Just from playing the game currently and watching the meta change slightly to what it is now gives makes me assume what could happen in the future. But like I said the first issue that should be handled is the weapon placements, then thinking about the radar. Also @@TiberiusAudley https://clips.twitch.tv/ninja/PleasantDunlinKappa
  10. I've played 0 games of no radar because at this point in time because it would be a waste and I'd rather focus on improving on the current settings. I have watched numerous hours of it and talked to multiple people that have played it. As for your example, I'd argue that people are staying crouched in yellow because that side of the map currently has: A BR, Light Rifle, storm rifle, silenced SMG, and combo. All of which spawn very quickly, Wait for weapons before you push = you have the advantage when the other side of the map has virtually nothing. Like I said it may seem like a great idea currently, but in a month if weapon placement doesn't change it will be worse IMO
  11. Radar doesn't decrease pushing too much IMO, it's mostly weapons holding people on a spawn, crouching to get a pick. An ability only radar would be cool to try and I wouldn't mind testing that. I'm just forewarning people that if you played these settings with no radar, in a month this game will be the slowest its ever been. Main focus needs to be balancing weapons on a map. People weren't complaining about the radar till recently, and that's because of the amount of added weapons and even buffing them so more people would use them.
  12. 1. No radar isn't the problem, please stop saying that. The game will be 20x worse in 1 month if radar is taken out. This game needs radar to be in, the issue is the amount of weapons and how snowbally the game gets. 2. I will never understand why they don't stream on the Halo channel, literally baffling.
  13. From being close friends with the OpTic guys, they've said they're not attending due to recent personal issues they'd wish to not disclose.
  14. What happened to @@PlzLearn? Haven't seen anything from him in awhile either :/
  15. Whatever happened to VinFTW? Haven't seen him in forever
  16. I mean...no disrespect but what were you and Saucey expecting the announcement to be and what "org" would you prefer? It's not like there were multiple orgs throwing themselves at us in general or that you haven't seen before + wasn't an easy decision to make. First we were getting shit for being LOL and "not taking the league serious" and now this. (not saying you were the ones saying this)
  17. Well us going would require us to have a set 4th, and we are currently 85% with Renegade. Our only other option is StelluR but that is very, very slim. We also don't want to rush into signing a contract just to attend OC since a couple other options for orgs opened up. It's unfortunate but we should be able to figure everything out soon enough. There's still a chance we attend so hopefully we know by the end of today (Sunday).

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