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  1. Yeah it's cooler when someone IRL pulls it off as opposed to a team of people who can keep reiterating the scene without having to start from the very beginning againJust like it's more impressive that someone can beat Doom on ultranightmare than in one go than just nightmare where you can hop in anytime you want wherever you left off. Edit: It's a bad analogy I know.
  2. I know what the ladies like. *re-reading my post* No I fucking don't.
  3. It's a builder construct, which can wildly vary, just like the builder architecture did in 1-3, but all their work usually goes by the same core aspects: they're inert and have minimal floating pieces, they're relatively simplistic compared to Warrior Servant architecture, it's very square and angular with use of lots of 45ish and 90ish degree angles, and surfaces are generally very flat and easy to visually process, and to make up for this, there are usually many engravings like lines glyphs and holograms hovering nearby. Halo Wars 2 employs the Warrior Servant design which we already know much about from 343's games. Canonically, the last time we should have seen a location with that kind of art style would have been Requiem, with Frankie even explaining why the planet looked different from the first 3 games' Forerunner art direction. Obviously that's not the case, and it's more along the lines of 343 trying to change Halo for no goddamn reason other than to "maek it thur owen".
  4. So why is it that they've retconned the Ark's art style? They got everything else right. Why couldn't they just leave it alone?
  5. Listen, all you IDIOTS who say Halo 5: Guardians' story is badly written are obviously out to get 343 Incorporated and slander them. Well jokes on you! While you were sitting there, busy being dumb, you actually didn't see that Halo 5: Gardens is actually PERFECTLY WRITTEN. It's just that your tiny brains are too tinily small to understand it. WE MADE THE MASTER CHEF HAVE ONLY 3 MISSIONS BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS HIS INABILITY TO OPERATE ON THE FIELD BECAUSE HIS SPACE GIRLFRIEND CONTRA IS DEAD. TRUSTUS. (Frankie and Reed literally did say that some people don't like Halo 5 because they just don't understand it.)
  6. So like is it standard procedure now to fully believe LNG's supposed leak of 343's franchise plans and why Halo 5 turned to shit midway through development? Cuz I see a fair amount of people buying into it despite his only proof being "JUST TRUST ME GUISE".
  7. Hey does anyone know if Custom Edition and SPV3 are compatible with Mac? SPV3 is the type of Halo I've always wanted 343 to make and I NEED IT. I NEED IT NOW.
  8. Yeah yesterday I got crazy rubberbanding each match and it still hasn't gone away since.
  9. Or chief gets another genetic upgrade making him the PERFECT HOOMIN BEAN, and he plasmaes all the guardeens but he's to perfect for the UNSA so you play as luke cage and you gotta HUNT DA TROOF AGAIN so you can put mega handcuffs on chief and then put him into super spartin jail. *cough* Sorry, 343's writing team was talking through me from the divide.
  10. I've almost been hit by a car going 70 IRL and I didn't hear it either so maybe god is just fucking awful at mixing and mastering.
  11. I just watched Arby 'n the Chief for the first time. Mine eyes can but weep at the majesty.
  12. God this game is so unpolished. 3 times today, I've crashed. My warzone respawn timer reset to 1 minute after 8 seconds, I was juked out of Wraiths 2 TIMES IN THE SAME MATCH, and now for some reason I get 2 second stutters every 5 seconds randomly in matches. FIX THIS GAAAAAME.
  13. Man, where do we even go from Halo 5? I still wanna know the reason for the fucking disparity between the ad campaign for H5 and the garbage we got. Was there some big rewrite or was it just a ploy to get people to buy this game? A Destiny style leak would be nice. (And anyone look at the achievement pics? I wanna play the game in THOSE.)
  14. Alright, here's a hot take: Halo: Broken Circle is undoubtedly the best Halo novel and is the only Halo novel that has made me feel the level of excitement and wonder as the first time I read the Keyes Loop chapter in Fall of Reach or playing Halo CE and experiencing the second mission on my first playthrough when I was 4 years old back in 2001. What a fucking adventure that entire book was, from the Thunderdome style zero-g fight at the end, to the escape from the maniacal Prophet (the gravity compressor torture chamber was one of the most horrific and vivid visualizations of a scene from any novel I've read) on High Charity. One of the best if not the best novel I've read so far.
  15. What specific part of the trilogy makes you feel that way? (I'm also unsure as to why that trilogy gets so much hate)
  16. Why is there no lore thread in these forums? I just read a Haruspis piece and I'm itching to talk story.
  17. Hidden Xperia released a video on Halo appealing to young audiences. Anyone watch it and what do you think?
  18. I love how they say "iconic pieces" and the phantom is changed almost beyond recognition. Tom French is a god tho.
  19. At this point it's just mentally safer to convince yourself they're actually social playlists. The real world sucks, jack me back into the matrix.
  20. Right and warzone is an awful game mode. Add that to the pile of shit.
  21. Just played Slayer as a Plat with Golds and other Plats on my team, against a TO4 with Diamonds and CHAMPIONS. YOUR RANKING SYSTEM IS AN ABSOLUTE FAILURE UPON A PILE OF MANY OTHERS, 343. I wish Microsoft would create a team as competent as Coalition for Halo.
  22. His stuff is pretty good. It's pretty big departure from traditional Halo which is alright because Halo Wars is a pretty big departure from traditional Halo, so he had more creative freedom with the OST. The main theme, Spirit of Fire is memorable along with the credits theme. All the stuff in between, I wouldn't know. Rippy's work is so mellow it literally put me to sleep the one time I listened to it.

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