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  1. New helmet: https://mobile.twitter.com/MattyMcDee/status/805460372962492417 Looks like a goddamn taint if you ask me. (Sorry the tweet's not embedded, I used my phone for this)
  2. Seems like 343 is starting to get their shit together with this update. I'm always happy to see actual desired improvements to a game that I regularly play, just a shame it took over a year for it to happen. Maybe they could have saved this game.
  3. They tie it to the REQ system in H6. Sprinting in game earns you more req points.
  4. I mean after MCC and H5, the concept of 343 making a Halo game is just kind of saddening and funny. Halo is becoming less and less relevant with each subsequent release. I'm hoping HW2 can change this, but so far, I got more excited about Mick Gordon coming on stage and just totally obliterating my insides with the DOOM OST than I did about Wars 2.
  5. Act Man's new video is making me crave Reach again. Maybe I'll do a marathon of the campaign.
  6. That'd give me a reason to play this damned game again.
  7. He had a pretty hilarious debate with Gamecheat on twitter last week. I 'll try to find it. Edit: So I can't link it because there's too many versions of the thread, but it happened on Nov 14 (not last week) and HaloCanon, TehSpearhead, and LNG were excusing Halo 5's lack of features because of the retooling of the Halo engine between 4 and 5. Gamecheat and another guy pretty much prove him wrong on every post he makes.
  8. I don't mind having the option, personally. As long as the game tells you what aiming option range is within the industry standard, kind of like when you turn on dev mode on Android phones, I feel it's fine.
  9. Just watched LNG's video on 343's soundtracks. I need an Act Man video to wash the taste out. I'm finding it less and less easy to get behind what LNG says in his videos.
  10. Exuberant is an annoying fanfiction anime fucking children's cartoon character. K A P P A
  11. Before I got BF1, I decided to replay the Halo 5 campaign to see if my views on it had changed, but with one catch: I would only have the background music from old Halos and the SPV3 OST. I got to The Breaking while listening to Covenant Dance and it was timed so perfectly to the encounters in the mission. Then Rock Anthem played right after, starting exactly on the final encounter before you fight the Wardens. I have never had goosebumps playing a video game as much as I did in that final fight with that specific song playing. You guys REALLY need to try doing this. (Covie Dance starts at 44:00 if you are going to try it). It really made me realize how boring Halo 5's soundtrack was.
  12. Wtf just be a bitch for a bit. They're probably rich enough to wipe your bitch bit from memory after the fact with technology and all that.
  13. Never thought I could die twice but you've just made it happen.
  14. Halo 5 gave me dysentery and I died. I'm beyond pissed, fucking livid to be honest.
  15. But then if you leave them, how are you supposed to let them know you're better than them? CONSTANTLY?
  16. Case and point. Just another day at Stealbrg Investealgations, LLC. Correction: *Case in point.* Here at Stealbrg Investealgations, we try to never sell anything short of perfection. 《TRY》
  17. That requires taking the high road, an ability possessed by a person with a healthy mental state... something all of us in this thread are lacking.
  18. Oh and I hope Josh can come to the forums more now that he doesn't have to be on the butt end of our criticism.
  19. I think Josh is awesome creatively speaking. Him and the 343 team make very good video games, but the problem lies in the fact that they're making them for the Halo franchise's unique mould and ridiculously high standards that Bungie set years ago. Now that he's off to pursue indie development, I'm excited to see his creative prowess shine in the context where he has total artistic freedom. He's unbound from Halo, so the sky's the limit. As for the new roster at 343's management, I'm not entirely sure of the effect Chris Lee will have on future Halo FPSs. This will be a new start, and I hope he and the rest of 343 will use this opportunity and the insurmountable feedback from Halo 5 to return the series to form. (If anyone could give me a quick briefing on Lee's activity and contributions to the franchise, that would be cool.) I also believe now that 343 is on an upward climb, what with the hiring of Ske7ch amd the stark improvement to the dev/community communication. Things are still looking pretty bleak for Halo, but I think it's getting better.
  20. Just tried listening to The Trials again. Idk, it just seems kind of "weak" compared to the original. Somehow the percussion manages to be 1000x more bombastic (annoying, takes up too much headroom in the track) and yet doesn't hit as hard as the tribal style drums from Marty's version. It's also pretty repetitive. Anyone listen to the SPV3 soundtrack? Covenant Dance and the track that follows are fucking incredible.

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