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  1. Listen to this. Just close your eyes and listen. This is what Halo used to be, and this is everything 343 has tossed aside to make room for their "creative vision".
  2. I have yet to play Evo settings. Eager to, but just never got the chance.
  3. It's like the audio team only watched Michael Bay's Transformers movies during the entirett of H5's development. Seriously, 343 could have saved literal TONS of money just keeping all the old sounds. Just another part of their dumb fucking need to "forge their own identity". At this point, I think they've Totall Recalled all the management into thinking it was themselves who relased CE back in 2001.
  4. I just realized... HALO 5 IS 90 GIGS HOLY FUCK
  5. Didn't they say they made ALL AI behaviours heroic AI behaviours?
  6. I found it strange there was no keyword search for the customs browser. I don't get the tags.
  7. Fuck that matchmaking SHIET. Halo 5's got kickass puzzle/adventure maps. I've dropped around 5 hours yesterday and today playing puzzle customs, downloading remakes and using Machinima controls to take some awesome screenshots of my Spartan on them. Tried customs search but most games in progress are terribly moderated and just run by knuckleheads in general. I'll use it when you guys set something up. (Also a big fan of Heroic Firefight, don't feel cheated by the AI ever. I haven't tried LegEndDairy yet so can someone brief me on that?)
  8. Here's another: UPDATE: I didn't realize at first, but these helmets are Timmy the Whale and Tom's pig (I forget her name)
  9. Here I was thinking hyperbole wasn't a language, but you seem to be speaking it entirely!
  10. For real though, even if 343 fixes all the problems people have had with the direction they took the gameplay, I will only ever be fully in their favour if they revert the art and music back to what made the franchise so recognizable. I'm a big campaign guy so I go and replay all of the Halo campaigns constantly, and the art and music are big if not the biggest factors of why I can't enjoy 343 made Halo SP experiences.
  11. Man 343 is really killing it now in responding to feedback and inquiries. This is the change we're looking for! Keep it up. (Forgot to add inquiries the first time around)
  12. r/halo makes me realize just how comedically barren some people are to me. Seriously some awful jokes people make over there. The captions for WZ clips, the Barvo/Ske7th meme, the rare but gut wrenching lore jokes, it all destroys me inside. 343 in general just aren't as funny as Bungie was. Bungie held themselves like the quirky hero who always had a witty one liner for every situation, 343 is like the dad who tries to joke around with his kid's friends to be hip by just randomly saying memes: "2spooky" I fucking die. (Don't feel like I'm ragging you if you think this stuff is humorous, it's all based on my personal preferences in comedy.)
  13. Zedd discovered possible armor effects being added:
  14. Gazing long enough into the MeMes, one will find that the MeMes shall gaze back into them. (Can anyone give me the lowdown on when this update drops? I've read next thursday, but I'm not sure.)
  15. What, is Greenskull your stern master? Did he intimidate you with his presence. Were you fearful of his differing opinions? I'll also have you know that I made NO changes to the definition that I directly copied and pasted from google. And besides we should be talking about his video, not infighting in the Word Reich.
  16. I actually agree with most of his points with the exception of spartan abilities/classic Halo. Those need to be gone, or at the very least we need to have a few classic playlists in MP. People are willing to pay for classic arena experiences and styles of gameplay. Doom (campaign-wise) is proof of this. I agree with what he said about the art, and microtransactions; ideally I want them gone, but realistically it's not going to happen. Keep them cosmetic, that's the best compromise I can think of currently. If the MTs do become cosmetic, I would like to be able to earn stuff more quickly. Maybe remove different tiers of REQ packs and just have one the unlocks maybe 4 pieces of armor per. Allowing full customization (having kneepads, legs, chest, left and right shoulders, helmets, and possibly armor details like pouches and all that goodness, just make it Halo Reach) of your spartan would also keep the unlock system from being 100%'d too quickly, as well. Also "it was bad" and "fucking cringe" aren't actual arguments as to why you think his video was bad. Also also, I don't think you actually know what cringe means (bend one's head and body in fear or in a servile manner.)
  17. *Slightly* improved, the tweet said. Not fixed.
  18. New Greenskull video about the state of Halo, I'm interested to hear what you guys think of this one.

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