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  1. Been listening to a lot of old soundtracks lately. A lotta Halo: CE, Soul Reaver 1, 2 and LoK: Defiance. There's just such a charm to older game soundtracks that modern OSTs lack. I think the same applies to games, too. I absolutely adored Halo 1's art in part due to its bad graphical quality. It creates such a unique atmosphere.
  2. Going from DOOM's 110 FOV to whatever the hell Halo's is is enough to make a man go mad.
  3. I actually watched Serenity a long while ago, not knowing it was part of the same story or universe. Fuck me I need Season 2 of Firefly, why'd they stop?
  4. Watched Firefly for the first time. IDK why, but I got major nostalgia for the OG Halo trilogy while watching.
  5. Halo CE still has the best campaign in the series.
  6. @@MultiLockOn if you ever catch me playing Halo 5 again, I want you to give me hell for it.
  7. So I was playing WZFF on temple and I was the top player w/ 60 something kills. No betrayals the whole match so far. I get to the Warden, still top player, so I spawn in a Banshee and pick off minions using banshee rolls while pelting the Warden with fuel rods. I do a banshee roll near where the Warden is and two teammates jump into me causing betrayals in quick succession. Booted. I know I've said I had given up on this game, and I even uninstalled it at one point, but as an avid Halo fan since I was 4 as CE released, it's pretty hard for me to quit a Halo game, I keep coming back. Idk man, last night playing and having that happen, that was the cutoff point for me, not because that moment alone, but the culmination of BS Halo fans have had to endure since Halo 4, if they even stuck around. I don't even want to play any Halo games anymore. At least not for half a year. 343's design decisions have finally killed any passion I have left for this franchise. I really hope that they can do good with H6. I know it's just a video game but Halo has been such a significant part of my growing up. It was a huge way for me and my brothers to bond; some of my fondest memories are playing 3 player splitscreen Slayer on Blood Gulch. We never actually played a proper match, instead we'd sacrifice one of ourselves so that we could lob plasma grenades at the body at the same time to see how high it would fly, or we'd get ghosts and do tricks off a Scorpion and crash Warthogs into each other with Halo CE's wonky physics. These good memories extended up until even Reach like messing around with our self made, terribly designed Forge maps, or playing splitscreen Infection. (I didn't even like Reach when it came out and still had tons of fun. I can't even begin to tell you how much SC coop campaign we've played since CE. Some ridiculous amount of days in total, probably. As it stands 343, this franchise is no better than dead to me. I'll come back whenever you decide to actually make Halo games and not the terrible Frankenstein amalgamations of gimmicks you took from other competing shooters. For now, you've lost a long standing customer. Oh, and show your team of artists a fucking art book from past Halos.
  8. Oh I meant no descope. Don't know how I got the two confused. Again, kill me
  9. That shit was a glitch. Doesn't count honey ;) kill me
  10. How does a community manager at Bungie get to become the Franchise Director at 343 anyways?
  11. I don't think he does it for money, though. That's the main difference between him and 343. I believe he genuinely wants these promises to happen, but that he just runs his mouth a lot and then gets cold feet when things aren't working out. He's like a little boy who dreams of making the greatest game ever, but forgets about reality. He's done a lot of good stuff, too, I mean that's how he's as big as he is. 343/Microsoft just lies to trick their consumer base into purchasing broken products, products that are nothing like they are advertised to be (Halo 5), or making situations seem better than they actually are. They're no worse than scammers to me, honestly.
  12. Watching all the people who preordered HW2 get screwed over by the HW1 Definitive Edition codes is pretty amusing. Do we ever learn?
  13. There's a lot. Firstly, Peter Molyneux was the guy behind the Fable games. He later started a mobile games studio called 22 Cans and they did that game where it's this huge cube that everyone chips away at, and whoever reaches the center will get a "life changing" reward. He also made a game called Godus which is like an RTS/Sims style game for phones. Basically, Molyneux's schtick is that he constantly overpromises or outright lies about features that will be in his games.The guy that got to the center of the cube got shafted by 22Cans, this article explains it in a way I won't be able to. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-11-the-god-who-peter-molyneux-forgot
  14. Here's an article 343's management should fucking read. It's about Peter Molyneux and L I E S. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/13/peter-molyneux-interview-godus-reputation-kickstarter/amp/?client=ms-android-samsung 2 years ago today Bonnie promised to repair the open wound that is MCC, and it STILL ISN'T FIXED, despite that.
  15. IDK I've always thought the old one seemed like something the actual UN would come up with. New just seems to have that overused future aesthetic that CoD and TF2 use.
  16. Am I the only one who thinks the new UNSC logo looks like a shitty children's toy decal? The Halo logo redesign looks bad, too. Bungie and 343 took away all the cool nuances it had. Small nitpick, I know, but it still bothers me.
  17. I can't bear to ever listen to Halo 4's OST ever again. That wailing lady in the main menu is psychological torture.
  18. "It's a big game with lots of content" Fucking evidently
  19. The Trials is the worst rendition of the Halo theme so far. If H5's soundtrack wasn't for H5, but another game, I might have actually liked listening to it, but for now it reminds me too much of the awful campaign and MP suite at launch. I usually play with the music turned off and either old Halo OSTs, the Doom OST, or Killzone Shadow Fall's music blaring instead. (Or Kraftwerk but that's when I'm feeling frisky)

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