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  1. Really, though 343, get Tom Salta on that H6 train. Call Marty, get them to collab, whatever. You have access to a lot of talent, so access it.
  2. Listened to Isabel's Awakening and Run Little Demon. From what I understand these were officially released. Anyways, it's very well made, very powerful stuff, but it falls in with the rest of the forgettable Hollywood style OSTs. It's some of the best of that kind of music I've heard so far, but it's ultimately unremarkable. The melody doesn't stand out, there's no catchy hooks, the percussion is there to serve a purpose and it shines no more than that. Of course, I'm judging based on the two songs I've heard, so I'll still hold out hope for the rest of the soundtrack, but I suspect it'll be like H5's score.
  3. Anyone who's listened to HW2's soundtrack snippets Gamecheat leaked, can you tell me your thoughts? I didn't get to hear it before he took it down. Are there a lot of classic cues, does it remind you of the old Halos, or is it just more unremarkable sci fi filler music?
  4. Everyone always bags on 343. Stop the negativity guys!! They may make shit games, but at least they've ruined the story so the books mean nothing :) :) :) :)
  5. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=0ZF1HDAVCPw Digging most of the art so far, but seriously, fuck off with that shitty Forerunner aesthetic. We're on the Ark not Requiem.
  6. This better not be what they're doing with all the Marines
  7. Running along exploring the frigate parked on Cairo Station. Gonna try to see if the battle where you're outside next to the MAC will load if I skip the indoor fights to it. If it were made by 343 the outdoor sequences of the level would be entirely scripted or just a cinematic, they'd not want you to do any exploring whatsoever, just run along the straight line they call a level. Conclusion: Halo 2 > Halo 5
  8. Beat the CE campaign again while listening to Karl Pilkington talk a bunch of bullshit on the Ricky Gervais Show. Game was on mute, still fucking brilliant. On to H2 now.
  9. Re-edited the post with more details. Also worth noting is that he threatened to sell the build if he didn't get refunds on all his games that he can't launch anymore, which is all of them.
  10. Not sure. I'll do some digging. https://twitter.com/Gamecheat13/status/819369833829695488 Edit: shit, the tweet is gone, it doesn't show up in the link. I can still see it in the app for some reason, I'll copy and paste the text. Tweet 1: "They stated it was because I leaked Halo Wars 2. Yet I had no NDA behind it, it wasn't on my Xbox One, and I never used my main account." Tweet 2: "Further more the exploit used to grab this Halo Wars 2 PC build wasn't even used on the Xbox Live services, it was the Windows 10 store."
  11. Gamecheat was just perma banned on Xbox Live, all accounts. His Xbox too.
  12. I do. Mostly just to fool myself into being happy so I don't die of a fucking aneurysm thinking about the logic behind 343's decisions.
  13. They're still going. Everyone keeps putting the blame on someone else, it's amazing
  14. Also started a nice little discussion between the old Bungo boiz with the "handling packages" debacle. Made my night. (Oops, the full thread didn't link :/)
  15. Hidden Xperia's new video on the classic art direction.
  16. Playing ODST. Arrive at the Mombasa Uplift plaza and I'm greeted by a sign that says, "Mombasa Uplift - Handling Every Package". This is why Bungie will always be better than 343.
  17. SMH this game has the classic art style and sound effects. This shit is closer to Halo than the newest mainline releases. I also had a chuckle where he quoted Bonnie Ross saying they didn't plan to make a game like this because they didn't want to "alienate the core fanbase".
  18. I've still kept good on my promise not to play H5. I'm finding video games a much more enjoyable experience now. DOOM is still the best campaign ever.
  19. I gotta play ODST again. Firefly is really making me a fan of Nate Fillion. Also I just realized Alan Tudyk is Mickey. (Also while writing this, I realized Adam Baldwin is Dutch, I GOTTA PLAY ODST)
  20. I still hold the opinion that Hans Zimmer ruined movie and video game soundtracks, not because his scores are bad, but because everyone and their mother keep trying to sound like him. I really appreciate Mick Gordon is one of the few who are trying to reclaim the spotlight for VG soundtracks, and what with the DOOM OST winning the soundtrack of the year award, it seems like he'll influence a lot of future games. In a perfect world, all VG music would go back to how it sounded in the 90s and early 2000s. The Soul Reaver theme is still my favourite theme song, next to Halo: CE's theme.

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