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  1. i just want the classic forerunner art back :/
  2. I really fucking hope this is true. I don't like having to be constantly disappointed about the series I literally grew up with. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=uKsHTf2rYXs
  3. Read the community update. Looks like black undersuits make a return for H6.
  4. 343 talking about sci-fi at DICE awards LOL You guys haven't even made a good Halo game yet. Edit: You know what though, I'll hand it to the EU team; the books have been really good and are usually my main source of enjoyment from the franchise, storywise. Lots of good sci-fi stories there (Broken Circle is hands down my favourite read ever) so credit where credit is due.
  5. So can anyone tell me if this game is worth the purchase at retail price or even worth the purchase at all? I've played HW1 and liked it, I'm a huge fan of the OG Halos, and I hate 343 and microtransactions with a burning passion. Is this game for me?
  6. Guys is HW2 worth my time? I thought the first was pretty good. (Also should I pay retail price or wait for a sale?)
  7. I miss all the different cultural influences Marty used to infuse. It's one of the reasons old Halo OSTs sounded so unique IMO.
  8. I wish Halo OSTs were still worth making vidocs for. HW2 is a pretty good one, but again like Halo 4 and 5, it really just doesn't stand out. There's a part in the video where someone refers to the players as the audience, as if they were making a movie OST. Really not a fan of game devs and creators having this kind of train of thought. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=a4LRWcfJExE
  9. Sprint is timeless. You can never escape it.
  10. I heard the rumor that it would be set in Vietnam.
  11. "If God can hear how scared I am (?) then so can everyone... else?? ??????????????????????????????? The script in this game in nonsensical.
  12. Ideally I want to min/max the time spent playing and points earned. What's the quickest way to earn REQ points?
  13. You've got to be kidding me. According to Greenskull, the classic helmet pack is only for a limited time. I was doing so well in not playing this dumbass game, but as a fan of the Bungie-era Halo games, I can't pass up on this pack. I'm not going to spend any money, so it'll have to be through REQ points. I currently have less than 10k. Forgive me @@MultiLockOn
  14. Remember when Halo trailers would use music from the actual games? Still can't believe they shoved a fucking Muse song in the H5 launch trailer.
  15. This guy gets it. Seriously, there were so many amazing games that came out in 2016, you're just wasting time playing Halo 5 and not enjoying it. I read someone say they had one night off from their shitty job. Why not spend it doing something you actually like? Or something productive, like learning an instrument?
  16. I might be alone in thinking that the Halo 5/3 Security helmet is much better than the Reach version. Way more faithful to Marathon, the second best game series Bungie has done.
  17. I've just found a way out of the Res Ops centre entirely. You know when you turn on the power and the shutters open into the vast Mars plain? I got out there. Why does 343 insist on hindering player exploration? Do they even have fun playing their own campaigns? PS: You can go REALLY FUCKING FAR AWAY from the Res Ops centre in the Mars plain. I just went up to one of the super distant background buildings, no collision on it. I see the Argent Tower farther out, going for it now.
  18. In Res Ops you can skip the entire intro where you turn the power on by jumping on a railing and then onto the platform holding that vehicle, and jumping from that across to where the classic level is located.
  19. Guys, I just broke DOOM. Like Halo 2 out of bounds map exploration broken. I have too many clips to be able to link here, so just type my GT (same as here) into Xbox and check out my captures. I love this game even more now. I want H6 to ditch the kill countdown and just let us explore.
  20. Not a lot actually. I understand how it's not really faithful at all to any arena shooter, but I appreciate it for what it is, and what it is is a little extra stuff for me to try out when I'm bored. I bought Doom solely for its stellar campaign (which I have beaten nearly 20 times now on Ultra Violence and Nightmare, I constantly do Ultra Nightmare but never get very far.) so MP is a lukewarm bonus in my eyes. Doesn't need to be here, but I'm happy they still included it. All in all though, I don't play much of anything competitively online anymore. H5 has given me a real adversity to that. I'm actually doing a lot more stuff with Ableton since I've stopped playing online games, so yay I guess.
  21. Guys, I haven't played H5 in months now. How is everything? Think I should jump back in when the update w/ classic helmets rolls around? Is it worth the 6 hour install time?

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