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  1. Sparth is a good artist, but DAMN is he missing the entire point of Halo. We need someone who has studied the old games and can emulate them with a fresh twist (looking at you H2A artists). I'm so absolutely without a doubt so fucking sick of these bland white UNSC environments, and overemphasized, generic Forerunner structures. (Covenant stuff could be a little more purple and pink (and maybe we could get a little MORE Covenant stuff?)).
  2. I mean with Reach's colour palette, nothing really could be sunny. But Reach still looked damn great. (And I take it back, Tempest was hella sunny, and lovely.) What I chuffing miss was the sunset on Standoff. I once stayed on that map for an hour by myself just to admire it. Bungie had a damned talented art team.
  3. Whoah whoah whoah did someone say artstyle? I personally think Halo 1 had the best atmosphere. Wonder, mystery, horror, CE was and still is my favourite campaign. Everytime I play from start to finish, it feels like I've just finished watching a REALLY good movie. ODST comes in close second for doing this as well. Both good standalone stories in my opinion. H5, on the other hand feels and looks WAY too much like your typical sci-fi Hollywood movie. It lacks any charm or soul. Not to mention Brian Reed wanted to emulate The Avengers with FT Osiris. (Why does 343 have to be so derivative in their design philosophy?) The music was well done, but had too many layers and indistinct melodies to be memorable to me. Also the percussion took a large hit; it's a lot less unique. Stuff like Broken Gates, Pursuit of Truth, Covenant Dance, Flawed Legacy, they all had catchy, easy to digest percussion and melodies that made them easy to remember. I suppose Marty knew he was making music for a game, not a movie, so he doubled down on it, whereas Kazuma seems to want to bridge the two. I don't think that kind of direction is fit for Halo, at least during gameplay segments. Overall, I think 343 can do better in the creative department.
  4. Jesus H. Lord/Saviour Christman, 343 why are ALL YOUR MAPS WHITE?
  5. And don't even get me started on the aesthetics of the MP maps.
  6. Could have passed as a Forerunner city from the terminals, which is problematic.
  7. No I'm... saying that the current state of the radar is basically non-exis - nevermind.
  8. I think H2A's style was where the Forerunner design should have headed, if anywhere. It was the most reasonable evolution of the style and it took aspects of both Bungie's and 343's design and masterfully blended the two together. That way, everyone got what they loved.
  9. Like I said before, I enjoy the idea of beauty in simplicity, so to me Halo 3's version trumps Halo 4's. I think there to be too much visual noise in Halo 4's especially with the lights you listed. Overall, I see it as generic, but I respect your opinion.
  10. NOW THAT'S THE HALO I KNOW AND LOVE. You hit the nail right on the head, bravo!
  11. I suppose for a game as large as Halo, he may as well be legally obligated to praise it from the heavens. And I do hope some radical changes are being made at 343. Everyone at the studio seems super talented and great, but it just isn't working, and it's a damn shame. I really wanted 343 and Halo 5 to do something amazing for the Halo community.
  12. I dunno... P Spence seemed to think most of the design decisions were good ideas and he thought H5 was going to be this amazing thing. Hopefully he's as easily swayed on this as he was on the state of the Xbox One.
  13. Quite honestly this could double as a shot from Tron: Legacy. (********IMO********)
  14. I know it's not the most accurate, but damn. We're really behind Guitar Hero and Just Dance? SKYLANDERS?? 343 better have some kind of golden goose up their sleeves in December because at this rate, it's not looking too hot.
  15. Not controversial at all. In fact since art is so subjective, I don't think you'll get flamed to the extent of the other topics being debated here. I personally welcome opposing opinions with open arms when it comes to creative direction. You get to see the vast variation in peoples' preferences. (Besides, Halo 2's Forerunner stuff was just Halo CE's with better graphics. Halo 3 took it to the next level, evolving the style in a way that stayed true while also bringing new ideas to the table. The OG trilogy stuff is my personal preference so I wholeheartedly agree with you.)
  16. Mhm. It really bore true to the Sangheili thought of them as temples. This new flashy stuff just doesn't fit the idea.
  17. Ah but that's why they were so wondrous, timeless, and mysterious. This here is the real way to show the Forerunners' "space magic". Their structures never gave a sense of being futuristic (except for how impossibly large they were; they seemed advanced more than they were futuristic if that makes sense) and yet they were this incredibly powerful space-faring civilization that took on the Mantle of protecting all the creatures in the galaxy. The Forerunners truly defied reason in this sense, which I think made them so great.
  18. It depresses me that we will never get another Delta Halo/Regret, Silent Cartographer, The Covenant, and Sacred Icon/Quarantine Zone. All amazing maps that show just how durable the legacy of the Forerunners is (and with SI/QZ the effect of the Flood on the Forerunners).
  19. On a totally different note and back to the discussion of Halo 5's artistic direction, here's a post I made over on r/Halo going into a bit of depth on why I dislike the Forerunner design palette and how I think it's lost its originality. It's of course all my opinion. Here it is: "The Forerunner design is plagued by the same design philosophy that ruined the central conceit of the armors from Bungie's Halo: there's too many components and visual noise that just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Dear god, how the hell did the Forerunners walk around without tripping every few paces? I'm not a fan of all this floaty space magic nonsense either. It really takes away from just how monolithic the original Forerunner style was. The buildings felt HUGE because they were one structure supported by physical components, not because they were floating around, nilly willy. In addition to the receding monolithic sense, it also throws the timelessness of the Forerunners in the trash. The structures used to feel ancient, their very existence being a testament to the technological prowess of the Forerunners. 343 decided to go for the instant gratification route with their vision of the Forerunners, with levitating space magic platforms that exist solely to levitate and "look cool", generic blue and orange lights that the Hollywood folk seem to love so much these days that are - might I add - much too bright. Bungie's design philosophy was beauty in simplicity, and 343's is MAKE IT LOOK KEWL GUISE. Some will argue Bungie's style was a result of inferior hardware, but it worked well. It worked so damn well."
  20. I think Halo 5's soundtrack is really well done, but it doesn't really capture the spirit of what made the originals so great. I think it's trying too hard to sound like a movie rather than a video game. IMO Tom Salta is the person who really understands Halo's sound next to Marty and I'm hoping to god Kazuma and Salta collab for H6. Just imagine...
  21. I do like Sanghelios IMO the only original palette in the game, Genesis not so much. Reminds me very much of Avatar.
  22. Nah I'm on the same levels of contempt as you guys concerning the lack of content and some of the gameplay. I just REALLY dislike 343's art style.
  23. Good to see you here Ramirez! I just joined so it's good seeing some familiar faces. As for the topic being dead; so long as 343 is making Halo games, this discussion can never die for me. I will always make noise about it until 343's art team changes their design philosophy.
  24. Can we please discuss how (in my and probably some other peoples' opinions) the Halo 5 art style is not very good??? This is the biggest point of contention of H5 for me, having made MANY posts on Waypoint about it, to no avail. After all that effort of posting and going through the process of realizing my ideas of why I dislike it, I can say, without a doubt, I very much DESPISE the art style. The UNSC and Forerunners have lost originality (dear god what happened with the Forerunner architecture?) and it started in Halo 4, getting worse with Halo 5 (all UNSC/Human maps look identical) and I feel like this is a trend that will continue with every Halo game 343 develops.

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