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  2. I've been playing through all the old Splinter Cells recently and would just like to say that a Halo stealth game would be fucking incredible. Imagine playing an ONI agent (or Spartan) infiltrating a Covenant supercarrier in the height of the Human Covenant war to gather intel on possible weaknesses to the Covenant, or assassinating a high value target. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  3. Holy shit Tom French is the new multiplayer director. HOLY SHIT
  4. Watching all the old RvB seasons and RT Shorts. Whatever happened to Rooster Teeth? They used to be so funny.
  5. I keep seeing this everywhere but I've yet to see any proof of it. I mean Steve Downes posted the WCCTech article on Twitter himself and seems to approve of the new direction. And really, voicing a protagonist who doesn't speak THAT much shouldn't be too cumbersome for him in retirement.
  6. It's classic 343 backpedalling, but I also don't mind making Chief the focus of the mainline games for the next while, they'll just have to switch things up later down the line when Downes retires.
  7. oh hey https://wccftech.com/343i-halo-5-mistake-master-chief/
  8. What if we got rid of Spartan Charge and put Thrusters in its position; reach terminal velocity and then you have the ability to thrust. This way the ability is relegated to map movement only and we won't have unpredictable sudden movement pattern changes during gunfights. I know nothing about the meta. Please go easy on me.
  9. What ever happened to the shotgun's 12 shell capacity?
  10. Asked the art director, Jeremy Cook, why HW2 uses the new Forerunner art direction for the Ark. (@@MultiLockOn since you're a level designer, do any of these terms look familiar to you?) Also asked him if we would ever see the return of the classic Forerunner style along with the new stuff in future games, though there's no answer for that one yet. Edit: Got an answer.
  11. when the fuck is cyberpunk 2077 coming out darnit
  12. LOL I only touch Infection and WZFF Heroic. About the only way I can play the game without getting an aneurism. Can't even be bothered to play H5 right now anyways. I'm doing an OG Halo marathon.
  13. Went to r/HaloStory to find asylum away from r/Halo. It was a mistake. https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloStory/comments/5y0zrr/does_anyone_know_some_halo_related_jokes/ (WHY ARE HALO REDDITORS SO FUCKING UNFUNNY?)
  14. Got real nostalgic for Old Bungie today after playing some H5 and loathing the art style, so I went back and played Marathon. That game is magical. I remember reading that Bungie planned to reboot it, does anyone know if that's still happening?
  15. Let's be real, Phil Spencer is probably shitting his pants while 343 divebombs Xbox's flagship franchise into the ground.
  16. I'd rather pay 600 bucks to a random shit on eBay than give my money to 343 day one. Okay so maybe not $600 but you get the point.
  17. The second track is such a mess, it might actually be IMO the worst song in this franchise.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=cAwoa5qxXyI I don't know how they did it, but we now finally have a Halo OST without a single menorable song on it. I thought Halo 4 & 5 were bad, but this might just take the cake for worst Halo OST to date.
  19. Wars 2's forerunner stuff is still 343's version from what I've seen. I haven't bought the game yet, so I could still be wrong.

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