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  1. Really not getting the recent surge in love for Halo: Reach, campaign specifically. It was short, had pretty lackluster setpieces, and barely capitalized on Noble Team as characters. It wasn't bad but it was pretty boring compared to even ODST (which I really liked but a lot of people shit on it). Maybe it's just a generation that grew up playing it that's now engaging in the community and waxing poetic about it? IDK I remember a lot of people not liking Reach when it came out.
  2. I needed a gaming rig because the specs would help me with music production. Business investment, hell yeah
  3. Exuberant witness is an anime character in a Halo game. Just think about this. wtf
  4. Someone needs to fix these fucking spawns, jesus christ.
  5. accidental downvote, team beyond mobile shifts around a lot when ads are loading
  6. Completely unrelated to anything whatsoever but I really want Bungie to remake Marathon.
  7. Is it a permanent thing or are they just going to trash it like the CEA playlist?
  8. Hey sci fi artists, can you stop putting fucking hexagons on EVERYTHING? Thanks.
  9. So what are we all expecting from Halo 6? Return to form, at the very least in its art and music, or just more of the same old shit we've had in H4 and H5?
  10. Yeah. Just experiencing the sharp decrease in quality from the OG trilogy to 5 is so jarring. Really puts into perspective how far we've fallen. There's still a lot to love about the series though, and the prospect of Halo 3 becoming backwards compatible makes me really excited.
  11. I tried giving Halo 5's campaign another chance after marathoning the original trilogy. Just ended up making myself real sad
  12. Anyone know when the old Halos are backwards compat?
  13. I think he's doing some Destiny 2 news; he recently made a video talking about how he wants 343 to revert back to classic gameplay in future Halo games
  14. Sketch talks about mind blowing experience at the studio involving the new game. RUL freaks out, forgets every community manager says this exact same thing about every game ever.

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