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  1. Well I also noticed performance xp isn't capped to 8k per match now so I think we'll see something in the Waypoint weekly update. Edit: I forgot it's double exp weekend
  2. Anyone notice mouse input feels waaaay better today? I can consistently hit headshots in all modes now.
  3. That's great, but only half the problem. Aim assist on controllers is massive and needs to be toned down. I guess we'll see how the MKB vs. controller dynamic changes with the update but as it stands, it needs nerfing.
  4. I know you mean well, but telling someone who bought a PC game to go play the same thing on Xbox really sheds light on how shitty the situation is. I shouldn't have to go somewhere else to get the optimal experience (literally somewhere else because my console is in a different city). How can I trust 343 to launch Infinite on PC next year if they can't even nail down mouse aiming in this? There is so much reference material for them to work with that it's really unacceptable for it to launch in this state. It's no 2014 MCC, but can you imagine this being the first Halo you've played since 2 on Vista or CE 18 years ago? It's such a bad first impression in my opinion that there really is no reason for me not to go back to playing much higher quality experiences like Overwatch, CSGO, or RS: Siege (regardless of what you think of these games' competitive merits, at least they're consistent and stable). Again, I'm not taking a sleight at you or anything, just furthering my point with your friendly suggestion.
  5. I've been trying to play Reach on M+KB for the past week to try to accomodate to the weird way it feels. I'm at my fucking wit's end. Somehow this is the only FPS on PC that feels absolutely sluggish and it doesn't help that everyone who uses controllers has a crazy advantage in midrange battles. My experience is worsened by constant in-game freezes, massive frame drops and significant screen tearing on even mid-settings. I have a higher-end gaming PC, this kind of stuff shouldn't be happening. I thought this shit was publicly tested, what the fuck 343? I really do want to enjoy this game but it's torture to play.
  6. Really not getting the recent surge in love for Halo: Reach, campaign specifically. It was short, had pretty lackluster setpieces, and barely capitalized on Noble Team as characters. It wasn't bad but it was pretty boring compared to even ODST (which I really liked but a lot of people shit on it). Maybe it's just a generation that grew up playing it that's now engaging in the community and waxing poetic about it? IDK I remember a lot of people not liking Reach when it came out.
  7. I needed a gaming rig because the specs would help me with music production. Business investment, hell yeah
  8. Exuberant witness is an anime character in a Halo game. Just think about this. wtf
  9. Someone needs to fix these fucking spawns, jesus christ.
  10. accidental downvote, team beyond mobile shifts around a lot when ads are loading
  11. Completely unrelated to anything whatsoever but I really want Bungie to remake Marathon.
  12. Is it a permanent thing or are they just going to trash it like the CEA playlist?
  13. Hey sci fi artists, can you stop putting fucking hexagons on EVERYTHING? Thanks.
  14. So what are we all expecting from Halo 6? Return to form, at the very least in its art and music, or just more of the same old shit we've had in H4 and H5?
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