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  1. So long as they don't touch the actual game mechanics they could make it work. Quite literally they just need to go back to basics... File share/customs/forge need to work as well as they did on the 360, improve the UI to be more similar to h3/reach. Fix matchmaking and ranks. Maybe (just maybe) bring over some CE/H2 maps using minimalist h3 artwork style. What would most likely kill me would be to slap H3 settings on a different game's engine and using map remakes with the over-embellished artwork that we saw with h2a... Sure I see everything through rose-tinted lens but I feel like the only way to restore halo to its former glory is to bring a classic halo to the latest gen platform with nothing but functionality upgrades that are made possible through better hardware and dedicated servers. So basically it would need to be everything we thought MCC would be capable of.
  2. Agree 110% People think it's fucked in MCC because projectile shots + aim acceleration (that always existed) feels different in 60fps. It just makes it a tad bit harder to use IMO, forces you to be just a bit more accurate. I personally enjoy having to lead shots because it changes how the weapon is used at different distances and angles, thus increasing the skill gap. I am also of fan of it because I always thought it made strafing that much more important, especially at 110% speed in competitive.
  3. Personally I hadn't even been playing my 360 much at the time (early 2014), but when MCC was announced I hopped right back on and starting searching MLG playlist on a regular basis. Unfortunately I purchased my Xbox One prior to the game's release (mid-October), but was still playing customs and matchmaking daily. Averaging way more hours gaming than I had in years. I didn't even realize that they could release a game that was in such a poor, unplayable state at the time. I didn't realize Microsoft could actually hold such a low standard for business practices. I was on the hype train too like you wouldn't believe. 1080p, 60fps, dedicated servers. They even blogged about a ranked competitive playlist for H2 and H3 before the game released. MCC killed the 360 MLG playlist and the Hardcore playlist didn't even drop until mid-summer. When it did I thought it was great, probably the best 2-3 months on MCC I had. Just so ridiculous that it took that long. Microsoft got all us sweaty kids to buy an xbone, so they really dgaf. And 343 is probably "pleased" with the number that jumped ship to H5. Even though their target market is more likely to be 13 y/o's anyway, who didn't have a proper 360 '07 experience to begin with.
  4. Sweat bags definitely moved to H5. Before H5 dropped I could get games in the hardcore playlist at pretty much any rank (highest account at 25) between 10am - midnight (US eastern) in <2 minutes so long as XBL was functioning properly. Obviously it's a bit naive to expect any type of update that would fix the slow matchmaking (failure to connect, finding an 8th, game crashing when loading, etc.) but it would be nice if 343 could do something. If it were up to me I would cut down on the current playlists and just have: Slayer FFA CE4's Dubs Snipes H4 (only if they eliminate it from everything else cross-game) Hardcore In theory you could throw in H2 and H3 on their own but I feel like the population is low enough already. Also they should seriously just eliminate ranks at this point. I don't know to what extent they affect searching but they don't mean shit anyway and I'd rather just be able to find games more consistently. The people searching hardcore in 2016 are likely to be seasoned players to begin with. I've lurked these boards regularly as a means of gauging whether or not it's even worth hopping on to try and find games and I gotta say it's a pretty depressing. I don't know what 343's "play" is but they seem to think that as MCC dies more people will jump ship to H5. Quite the opposite for me. I will never buy that game even if the Microsoft store has it 50% at some point in the future. When they released MCC in 2014 they pretty much killed the MLG playlist/customs scene on 360 and they promised to implement H3/H2 hardcore gametypes on MCC. That didn't even happen until July/August or something. Ridiculous. I'm overall pretty fed up with this game and company's lack of regard for the veterans in this community that just want the capability to play classic halo's. I could continue to rant and could probably do an entire research paper on how poorly MCC has been handled but I won't waste my time.
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