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  1. Thanks mate, pretty devastating but hopefully there is a next year
  2. Thank you friends, I know you'll do well!
  3. iM vs EG right now EG up 2 - 0 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/586
  4. Not making excuses for iM but they did land yesterday and stay up close to midnight and are adjusting to Junior still. Watching the games in a lot of the matches they would lose from really small errors. I'm excited to see how much they improve over the next week. Being from a small region they don't get tested much so they basically have to theorise about how to get out of a situation like spawn traps because it doesn't happen much for them back home. Now having top teams to play they actually get put in those situations and are forced to learn how to deal with them. I'm also now iMs no. 1 fanboy
  5. Hope to see some scrims against Exile 5 in the coming days, they arrived yesterday, Immunity hoped on their flights a couple hours ago as well.
  6. Local betting website offers odds on regionals outright winner. ALG $2.95 CLG $3.40 EG $3.90 TL $8.50 WFX $9 RNG $10 I like them CLG odds. Also sorry if this breaks any rules, feel free to delete.
  7. Also just wondering if most people realise the brightness of the dots change depending on your enemies elevation? Bright red same level.
  8. First time we were over for Halo 3 we played online for a week in the US and had a pre-lan with some top 24 teams it honestly made a world of difference. It's very hard to get quality practice over here especially now considering regionals are over and the teams are locked in, other ANZ teams have no real incentive/drive to play so it'll be even harder for prac. That being said, we really hope to come over at minimum a few days before the event and practice as much as we can.
  9. Trophy got stuck in the mail through customs so they had to improvise.
  10. So liquid just got straight up out classed? You mean they didn't take games off Allegiance who is a set up from everyone in that pool and Liquid.
  11. Liquid may use the excuse they had an off series against RNG but Epsilon can't use the same? I think it would be silly to think it was a 'fluke' I wonder when upsets happen at Worlds how many of them will be flukes.
  12. So you are implying RNG only played good against liquid? Or that it was a fluke the EU team beat them.

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